Playing With Kids

My grandson Liam started to walk,
Now he runs his parents around the clock,
Already this energetic little ball,
Is driving his parents up the wall,
It is not easy keeping up with him,
Just like spending your days in the gym,
Once his sister Noa, is a little grown,
They will be running their feet to the bone,
The joys of having grand children is great,
When done playing with them you can go to bed,

The Inventor

When you get a little older like me,
Things become much clearer to see,
I invent things make them come to life,
I may take a fork and make it a knife,
People think I am creative and smart,
The truth is much simpler on my part,
You see all I did over the years on my own,
Was to find ways and discover the unknown,
As I said all along to all my listeners, please,
Remember to make honey you need the bees,
In my life I have never once failed, I am no jerk,
I just found a million ways how things don’t work,

Scary Nights

It was very frightening,
All the thundering and lightning,
I was lying in my bed covered,
Hoping that I won’t be discovered,
By whoever was making the horrible noise,
With me under the blanket were only my toys,
Little Pooh and Ernie and Angry Bird too,
And the Panda because it knew tae Kwon do,
In the morning I got up and the sun was up again,
No lightning, no thunder and no more rain,

A Weekend With Saba

I went to see my grandchildren today,
As I usually do comes a weekend day,
I saw Zoe the eldest first time this week,
She seems to be growing extremely quick,
Well it is either that she grows so quick, a trick,
Or maybe I, her Saba am beginning to shrink?
Then there is Emme the second, Emme the wild,
Wilder than all the others, more than any other child,
She tries to go through walls change the deck,
Exclusively using her head face and neck,
Then a trip to see Liam my man my grandson,
He likes it in my arms it is Saba or none,
I can see in the near future a fishing trip,
Liam my man already has quiet a grip,
His sister Noa still a couple of months old,
Already doubled her weight nothing is on hold,
Eating and sleeping is her main activity
All signs show as she grows up –
 You will deal with radioactivity

Old For New

Today was the day that in India,
The last telegram was sent- what an idea,
From now on no more will you send a cablegram,
A wire is no more, from now on only email and spam,
From now on no more will one write to his loved one,
I love you stop, coming home tomorrow stop, all done,
Next generation will not understand the meaning of,
The Telegram, the telegraph the wires we used to love,
Pity how slowly all things disappear from our lives,
It seems nothing eventually survives,
It may be for the best old for new clears the way,
and bring forth the old because of the new –
 As the bible say

The Welder

I shall be on the Tree House channel
I think it is channel 65 on the remote panel
I shall be known as Big Phil the welder
I put things and stuff to be cosy together
I put the toasted bread with the Cheddar
I bring the Matzo balls to the Seder
I put the peanut butter on the jam
I put the rosemary on the rib of lamb
just call me Big Phil The Welder
and I shall put you all together

Oh, Oh, Oh

Yes, I will admit I am the one,
I could not help it and now it is done,
I was the one that leant on the tower,
I made it bend in less than an hour,
Yes, I am referring to the city of Pisa,
The tower that is famous like the Mona Lisa,
It all happened by mistake was not meant to be,
Now it is bent and leaning for all to see,
It was not an act of anger I was not defiant,
So what if they call me the jolly green giant,

The Silence of the Limb(urger)

Someone said that poets have been silent-
On the subject of cheese, I agree 100 percent,
Never again shall the cheese be unattended,
This neglect, shall forever be suspended,
I shall not allow Brie or a slice of Stilton,
Be treated like an unknown from the twilight zone,
A silent cheese is a bad cheese a known fact,
Cheese should have a strong presence – an impact,
It should be announced – at every opportunity,
To benefit all of the cheese eating community,


Google is really getting on my nerves,
It gets lots of praise more than it deserves,
Whenever I start typing a question or a word,
It pushes words I never wanted – it’s absurd,
“Did you mean this?” it says with an arrogant leer,
“Or maybe that?” it says with a wide sneer,
So I started mistyping words just for fun,
I type Kenada and cHina and sometimes Joppan,
Each time Google comes back with a suggestion,
You see I enjoy giving Google Indigestion,


In one of my many trips to Indonesia,
That place located in Southeast Asia,
That place where I go to practice my mantra,
Days walk from the fair city of Jakarta,
This is where I met my hissing friend,
To meet him I do not much recommend,
He was sitting under a banana tree,
He smelled like a hundred year old brie,
His forked tongue was catching flies,
As he looked at me with snake like eyes,
I looked on his shoulder his other shoulder too,
Indeed, it was the dragon with the girl tattoo,

Jack In The Box

I had a jack in the box,
Jack was as cunning as a fox,
In school, I saw Michael he got me mad,
Now Michael is in a box because he was bad,
At the playground John was out of line,
Now John is in the box it was his time,
Ian, Jerry, Josh, Larry and William as well,
Are all in their boxes I am sure you won’t tell,
So be kind and please avoid irritating me,
Or have your own box at bottom of the sea,

The Orchard

I grow on the balcony tarragon and thyme,
Something green and long that taste like lime,
Some rosemary, oregano, three types of mint,
Garlic and strong onion that makes one squint,
Basil, lemon grass, chives, sage and fennel too,
Some I have no idea about, never had a clue,
I inherited the love for gardening from mother,
She just loved all things growing as did father,
When they came to visit us in the old country,
Walking in the orchards stopping by each tree,
Tasting the tropical mix that was in abundance,
The air was aromatic with fruity fragrance,
It was in more than one way the Garden of Eden,
Walking the garden with all the grand children,


Sometimes for dinner, I am just too lazy,
I don’t cook every day or I’ll just go crazy,
So I end up designing specialty sandwiches,
New inventions, new tastes and new riches,
I like to mix turkey and chicken with mayo,
Prosciutto from Milan with a nice cup of cacao,
Sometimes I add a nice cut of black forest ham,
Hungarian salami Bocchini cheese – a giant clam,
Lettuce, tomato, Swiss cheese and stilton,
A dry fig, a fresh fig, a plum and a prune,
Then at the end of the day to be very sure,
I end up taking half a pack of Lipitor,