Fruit Salad

I added a peach to your banana,
An apple a pear and a huge guava,
An orange a lemon and a papaya,
A fig a lablab and pink guarana,
Raspberry blackberry blueberry too,
Which I spread over the babaco,
Then a giant watermelon on top,
Followed by a ripe sweet cantaloupe,
Now a little liquor to add bit of zest,
My fruit salad is ready I’m blessed,


Sometimes I sing to myself in my head,
In the dark at night so I won’t be afraid,
And when I don’t want to be all alone,
I sing a duet while keeping pitch and tone,
When it is dark; and no one around with me,
I whistle a song; it is hard to stay on key,
When it rains, lightning and thunder explode,
I run to wherever I go on a path or a road,
I have many ways to overcome noises made,
I told you already, I am never ever afraid,


I wanted to go to the Golden Gate Bridge,
It is in San Francisco a little out of reach,
Is this what is meant by “A bridge too far”,
Almost as far as “twinkle, twinkle little star”,
If laughter is the best medicine, or so they say,
Why do the clowns need insurance, please pay,
I did look my gift horse in the mouth being proactive,
 Since the alternatives were much less attractive,
No man is an island, really? Europe is not in the plan.
What might you call my friend the good Isle of Man?

Once a Gent

Once for a while, maybe just for a day,
I was good and civilized, I was really OK,
Back then, I was not a crazed monster,
Not a raving maniac or a raging mobster,
I was a man of culture a gent of class I was,
On that one day, I was a man obeying laws,
Then it must have been the sun or the moon,
That struck me hard turning me into a goon,
Since that futile day in the month of June,
When that once was a man, became a baboon,