My Friend from the West

I had a friend far away in fair city Vancouver,
He was a great strategist a true visionary mover,
He was a solid man, a career minded man, a winner,
An experienced man of wisdom not your beginner,
He had a wife God bless her she was a cleanup nut,
Washing, drying, dusting and grooming and all that,
All day long the noises and sounds of cleaning machines,
Made my friend lose his sanity spill all his beans,
My friend was going crazy with all the commotion,
That caused his mind to go into harmonic distortion,
As he was going to kill himself with a brand new clean rope,
He left in his will to his wife a personally written note,
That said “to my dear wife from fair city Vancouver”,
I leave my ashes so you can vacuum them with the Hoover,
Please spread my ashes on the rugs the blinds the floor,
You may vacuum me daily I cannot take it anymore,
Thus my good friend the brilliant mind from the west,
Found his peace as in the Hoover he now calmly rests,

When We Used Words

Remember Jeannie with the light brown hair,
Foster wrote about like vapour on summer air,
Then people wrote actual words to listen to,
Not something sounding like lunch at the zoo,
It went on for many years we used actual words,
Not loud sounds, growls, and twitting like birds,
Words like Leonard Cohen and Bob Dylan wrote,
In the 60’s in Greenwich Village now seems so remote,
Carly Simon Joni Mitchell Judy Collins Pete Seeger,
The Weavers, Oscar Brand, at the Gaslight Bar,
I don’t think I am alone in this opinion many think alike,
We call that period “classic” the years just after IKE,

The Truth

I am not your real ladder said the step ladder,
Neither is that step stool he ain’t your brother,
That blotted blister you adopted as your sister,
News for you, that blister is no sister but a mister,
We get many misconceptions from the “free” media,
CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, and NBC are no encyclopedia,
We are fed what at present seems to be of interest,
We get what they want us to get and not what is best,
We are being fooled that at this day and age of hi-tech
We get the truth but it is high time for a reality check,


We do not recognize greatness unless in retrospective,
Then it is not that easy to be true and objective,
Living next door to Beethoven neighbors complained,
Einstein always had issues, difficult to be explained,
Picasso’s neighbor was allergic to oils and turpentine,
Hemmingway spent nights under the table with wine,
Today we see them all as our cultural idols and heroes,
Back in their time, they were regular everyday figures,

Cleansing Two

As I continued with my cleansing regiment,
Eating properly and much weight management,
I discovered many things that have been long gone,
Some are from the time long before I was born,
Some others that have been doing the process,
Discovered a tuba a piano and the Rhodes Colossus,
That cleansing indeed is bringing to the open light,
Items stored in the colon long time and very tight,

Summer 2014

I remember the summer of two thousand fourteen,
It was tucked away on a Sunday and a Monday in-between,
It lasted a whole of seven hours, at around 11 Celsius,
It was contained in a circle of three-Kilometer radius,
I remember it well it was sunny cloudless and bright,
With patches of strange silvery golden glamorous light,
People were taking pictures of the miraculous moment,
Some were weeping, crying, overcome with astonishment,
Indeed the summer of two thousand fourteen was amazing,
With the herds of bison roaming on the snow fields grazing,

Still Needed

Nothing like the happy face of your grandchild,
Welcoming you when you visit, big smile, surprised,
Children only need the one simple thing called love,
A hug, a kiss, a loving word, a cuddle, to be proud of,
Pick me up, tell me a story, build a castle with Lego,
Play with dolls, ring the bell, take apart Mr. Potato,
Put me on your shoulders, I want chocolate ice cream,
Sit beside me, I am scared, I had a horrible dream,
Your heart fills up with the happiness of being needed,
You are wanted by the little ones you have succeeded,

General De Gaulle and the Cheese

General De Gaulle once asked his people,
How do you expect me to rule you as equal?
In a country, that has 258 types of cheeses,
Today there are more – as that was in the 1960’s,
Well in France, you do enjoy your daily Fromage,
After dinner, glass of wine with a cheese to match,
Old cheese, aged cheese, blue cheese any cheese,
In Paris no one settles for Kraft Cheese Whiz,