I put together an elephant and a cow,
I have no idea what I ended up with now,
It is gray and big and I milk it twice daily,
At night when all is quiet, it plays the ukulele,
It is better than last year’s funny creature,
When I emerged a cow with an English teacher,
It was useless but it kept going all day long,
It was constantly right, not once was it wrong,
Next year I have no idea what I will do,
I thought of taking a walk in the city zoo,
Maybe amongst the different creatures,
I shall encounter the proper features,
And have the right idea for a good mix,
Something for my amazing bag of tricks,

Golden Years

If you check and recheck and test,
You will most definitely come out stressed,
You will find out that you need Omega-3,
That you are too low on your Vitamin D,
Your sugar must be getting too high,
Your uric acid can melt nickel-plated die,
Your hearing loss is 45 percent at least,
Your eyesight is 30 percent decreased,
Your teeth getting longer and fewer,
To read you need magnifying glass viewer,
You do not need to use a comb or a brush,
You jump every time the toilet will flush,
You memorize all pill commercials on TV,
You avoid wetting your shoes when you pee,
People say these are your golden years,
Yet I do not see replacement volunteers,
Although the benefits do seem to mount
I am now getting many senior discounts,


For years, I used to play chess,
I had plastic ivory and wooden sets,
Some were new and cheap some old,
With history that is yet to be told,
Then came family and responsibilities,
Time to sit and concentrate was not at ease,
Chess to the side untouched was quietly put,
King, Queen, Bishop, Knight or soldier on foot,
Even the tower had to sit on the side,
Waiting for the change of the tide,
Now that the children are on their own,
I have acquired back my love for the pawn,
Every day I try late at night to compete,
To mate or at least tie winning is sweet,
It keeps the mind sharp the brain working,
As Alzheimer is waiting and lurking,
I know it is waiting around the corner the joker,
Since I brought my chess set to a game of poker,


Passover is upon us spring is in,
Winter is gone it is a has been,
Soon the trees will be turning green,
A new world, a rebirth, a summer scene,
The cycle continues one out the other in,
You know either you end or you begin,
All your senses tune in to the changes,
As the divine powers forever arranges,
You see the colors smell the scents,
Feel the warm air hear the birds,
Taste the fresh early days of spring,
See the happy foolish look on a bride,
Sealing the faith of a groom to be fried,
Summer is here cheer up be delighted,
A swallow in town has now been sighted,

Tonight Show

Many years ago the great Red Skelton,
In an interview with Johnny Carson,
Said that someone with a talent like Johnny,
Will break out even behind a brick wall, honey,
No one will hold you back no way in hell,
You just go out there and sell, sell, sell,
Johnny did and for thirty years, did just that,
A symbol, a pioneer and an historic landmark,
Since Johnny has gone to that great beyond,
Late night TV has not been the same pond,


There was a time not long ago,
When a bird (a pigeon or a crow),
Would be perched on a line or tree,
Feeding on flies or the occasional bee,
When a bird twitted it was aloud,
Making a sound strong and proud,
But today when you get a twit or two,
It has nothing to do with a perching view,
The twits you are getting are not from a nest,
But from a person with a Smartphone at best,
And what will be hatched at the end of the day,
Will not be a chick or a hatchling at play,
But a teenager walking the walk in the mall,
Typing away and walking into a wall,


Someone wrote on Facebook today,
God understands everything when you pray,
No matter what language you use to submit,
Your prayers will still get the needed permit,
This is of course a given fact dear friends,
God listens the same to ladies and to gents,
Yet of course, you must take into consideration,
That some benefits are due to your location,
It won’t hurt in order to hasten your wish,
If your prayers were in Hebrew or Yiddish,