Turning 65

Today I turned sixty-five,

Last I checked, I’m still alive,

From now on, it is a bonus, a freebie,

que sera sera, what will be will be,

I am beating the odds, historically speaking,

Although listening hard, you can hear the squeaking,

Who am I to complain? I should not be bitching,

Please disregard the spasms and twitching,

I shall take my pills, inject my shots,

And continue connecting the dots.


Religiously Infected

Are you too religiously infected and pious?

Deeply devoted and most sanctimonious,

Performing acts of worship and ritual,

After all, you are so deeply spiritual,

As I observe and see you, ‘O ye people of faith,

I have an immediate urge, to scrub and bathe,

If you end up going to heaven when end comes,

I rather go to hell and be with the secular ones