Still Here

This week I celebrate my sixty sixth birthday,

My beard is all white, not a sign of blond or grey,

A while ago it was in doubt I’ll make it thus far,

But here I am still, with a new impressive long scar,

Life is good; I have a new grandchild as well, six in all,

I guess I’m lucky, because I never followed protocol,

I look forward to being around a while longer at least try,

No sir I’m not ready to say my good-bye,



Long live democracy – best of all alternatives,

Regardless if NDP, Liberals or conservatives,

Out with the old, in with the new (or slightly used),

You are not completely sure, (Canadians are confused),

Yet I am in doubt the choices we have are cream of the crop,

We already know the Liberal choice was a total flop,

Well, come what may, in a month time we cast our votes,

Please use your head this time, enough a herd of goats,


Officially Off Chemo

That’s it; I am officially off chemo,
It was a daring bet, just like a casino,
Fortunately this bet worked against the odds,
Could it be intervention of the almighty gods?
So for the time being I shall stick around,
Although I am lighter by about forty pounds,
And if all works well, here I shall be for a while,
Time to put on a big and wide smile,