Only of himself did he have good words,
None for others, (all considered nerds),
His battles were won or lost only by him,
Bottom line, life looked very dim and grim,
Yet he did not mind, as he was on Facebook,
Instagram and LinkedIn too, a regular schnook,
As everyone knows, if online you have a profile,
You can be a philosopher, a CEO or a pedophile,
No one knows the truth everything is fake,
Even a cheesecake can made to look like a steak,

No Cheeks

On December 14 2018, I had the Whipple Procedure,
It means from the small intestine gone are a couple of meters,
Out went my gallbladder and 10% of my stomach too,
A third of my pancreas – and what was left –
Was put together and reconnected with stitches and glue,
Ampulla of Vater carcinoma was the ruling,
Aha, said I, I sure know how to pick them, no fooling,
So now, with a long scary scar I relearn to live again,
I asked my surgeon. – “can I buy green bananas?
start reading a long novel? Maybe a Mark Twain?”
I can start writing a book: “Losing 30 pounds in 3 weeks”,
Bottom line my bottom has no cheeks.