To keep the mind sharp I play Scrabble,
The modern version of the tower of Babel,
When one digs deep into the history of words,
As deep as to find about the bees and the birds,
Get to the bottom of a term, the root and source,
Where an expression was redirected and changed course,
Is it from Latin, “olde Yinglish” or Semitic God forbid?
Or maybe Western Europe, the cape, Lisbon or Madrid,
Is it biblical Genesis, the original Hebrew or Edomite,
A Far-Eastern dialect, Ottoman or Hittite Canaanite,
I go on to play the game, at times even win a round,
So far I have been losing constantly, regularly downed,
Scrabble is fun and challenging it widens perspective,
Mine seems to be unfortunately a little defective,

Sleep All Night

As of late, I have started to sleep all night,
After forty years of insomnia, it is a delight,
I still have no dreams that I can remember,
Regardless of the time, season or the weather,
I’m Not used to sleeping more than four hours,
Sleeping was never a bed of scented flowers,
I have upped the ante to eight hours per night,
And sleep I do until the sun shines fully bright,
I do indeed realize I sound like the mad hatter,
However, this is resulting from a six-hour bladder,

Cacophonic Crescendo

It is the influenza season, we are being told,
Huffing and puffing as our lives so painfully unfold,
Everyone is sneezing and coughing up a symphony,
Composed by bacteria and viruses, such a cacophony,
Sometimes when I am alone, it is a solo toccata,
When with a friend a duet may change into cantata,
When in a public place like the subway or the bus,
A chorus may be present a nocturne or a heavy mass,
In school the kids in class thirty or more all in concert,
Resounding their talents in rhapsody, etude and motet,
I do not mind the cacophony, crescendo I shall not condemn,
As long as none of this will be announcing my requiem,

The Goat Did It

In Nigeria, police arrested a goat for armed robbery,
Apparently, the goat was trying to rob private property,
The locals were saying he changed to a goat when captured,
Lucky for the goat it did not have its bones fractured,
The police spokesman indeed admitted to have it in custody,
Where it will be held until investigation under microscopy,
It seems every year goats, sheep and sometimes a baboon,
Is arrested for criminal activities, in Nigeria no one is immune,
If you think I made this up, Google “goat arrested” and see,
Reuters has its file and its mug shot is displayed on TV,

Breaking News

How is it that CNN has only breaking news?
Wife beating is a national sport, only the NFL abuse,
ISIS was chopping heads for months, nothing on CNN,
Kids and women buried alive but no one talked then,
Breaking news my ass, CNN is useless and one sided,
But most sit home blurry eyed and totally misguided,
Obama bombs a $10,000 truck with a Million Dollar bomb,
CNN reruns the picture on end including on their,
When there is no news, CNN grinds the old stories all day,
Remember it is 24 hours of ongoing breaking news at play

I Don’t Listen to No One

When I was a little boy, my mother said to me,
That I need to behave and that good I should be,
Do not wipe your nose on the shirt’s sleeve,
Brush your teeth after each meal don’t deceive,
Wash up, you are so dirty I just cannot believe,
Comb your hair; you are dirtier than Bobby and Steve,
Now, after years when I became an adult and on my own,
I don’t shower I do not ever wash I don’t wear cologne,
I don’t brush my hair, I have none on my head all is gone,
My room looks like through it went a full size cyclone,
I never use a Kleenex never clean my nose properly,
I only wipe on my sleeve, which is green like broccoli,
On my neck, there is dirt and my head is full of sand,
I don’t go to school ever, doing nothing is Grande,

North America

As I was sitting today on the balcony,
Having thoughts that consist mostly of blasphemy,
Looking around at the walking crowds, realizing,
They are like herds of cows, in the field grazing,
They all walk in large crowds, yet each is all alone,
From the hair on their head to their smallest bone,
We have social networks crowd funding we link and face,
But bottom line we are all alone, crowds without base,
We are dumb people with smart phones idiots with Ipads,
Tablets, IPods, Laptops, We are so proud of our technology,
We are so busy with the toys we forgot all about humanity,
We are into Gigabytes, Megabytes and USB’s and other keys,
We do not sit in the park enjoying the scents and light breeze,
We are technically perfect we can drive, type, Skype and chat,
Look around North America take a good look you are just FAT,