Bird on a Fire (to music by L. Cohen)

Like a bird on a fire,
like potato chips in the deep fryer,
I have tried, to lose these many pounds,
But, my stomach keeps making those sounds,
Yet, nothing comes out, so that I may be free,
With only one outhouse, a problem you agree,
So, there you are, like a bird on the fire,
Spraying a whole can of air purifier.

Spring Ahoy !

Today is the first day of spring

I woke up feeling amazing like a king

As spring rings my doorbell, open the door

Last night was a great and lovely, minus four

The snow flowers blossom so handsomely white

Sway in the tornado at 100 MPH such a delight

Cannot wait for summer to be sunny and nice

Maybe by July we shall be rid of the ice


The Index is Gone

Since childhood I have been like a sponge,

From breakfast to dinner to teatime and lunch,

I read and studied and memorized all I could,

All my life this I did, since early childhood,

As a man I became and was a walking database,

I knew it all, an encyclopedia, a full bookcase,

I grew older, all the data still there no doubt,

Still I know the answers, but they do not come out,

I now understand, as you grow older your data stays,

However, your index, your table of contents lost its ways,

I am now as a book full of info, but the index is misplaced,

Between my ears, I might as well be keeping tomato paste,