Is Google a Tiger?

Enough of your wheeling and dealings,

Your smiles and second hand feelings,

This week was extraordinarily bitter,

Twenty percent lose Google and Twitter,

With all of Trump’s tweets and words,

And his still wide eyed following herds,

Twitter has less users and so does Google,

Could it be the tiger is really a poodle?


Marc Antony

When Marc Antony spoke over Caesar’s cadaver,
After the Roman Senate’s extreme misbehavior,
He started by saying to his fellow Romans – please hear,
“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ear”,
Then he went on to explain to the gathering mob,
That stabbing Caesar was part of the Senate’s job,
What baffles me about the Shakespearean scenario,
Did Marc Antony return the ear that he asked to borrow,

My grass is Greener

I saw the neighbor’s yard, outer and inner,
Indeed the grass there was noticeably greener,
The pool water too, was bluer as blue as the sea,
So, I sent our dogs to their pool to swim and to pee,
Now their grass is still green, but smells a bit funny,
Their pool looks like lemonade and makes your nose runny,
Let there be a lesson to each neighbor and nearby dweller,
My pool is always bluer and my grass forever greener,

Otzi the Iceman

Otzi the iceman, the Alps Mountains found mummy,

For years, researchers were checking his tummy,

They discovered just now, he was eating lamb and deer,

Followed quickly by a liter or two, of Canadian beer,

They also found seeds of different kind and type of plums,

Something that looked like burger cheese in sesame buns,

He also ate steak and bacon, and chicken, and types of cheese,

Hotdogs and marshmallows, his stomach hung down to his knees,

It was very clear to the research team right from the start,

That if not for the arrow, he would die of a blocked heart,



Adam and Eve, we are led to believe,

Were the first-born, without being conceived,

Adam was born from mud, muck, and clay,

Eve from his rib was born, almost without delay,

Both were running around naked, (no diapers),

Among the lions, hyenas, zebras and tigers,

Then they ate an apple, and behold they got smart,

Forced from the Garden of Eden to depart,

Dressed in the leaf of a fig to be covered,

Is it wonder their parents were never discovered?


Helsinki Meeting

July 16th – two thousand eighteen, today,
One day after the world cup final play,
In Helsinki, Finland, two are holding hands,
Putin of Russia and Trump of the United States,
At last, the two will look into each other’s eyes,
A hard look, checking each other for size,
Both want to show the world, his is bigger,
Both can most definitely qualify as a chigger,
I wonder if by the end of the day Trump will Tweet,
It was a great date, and Vladimir Putin is sweet,

Eat your cake

It is said you can’t have your cake and eat it too,

I look around and all I see is people that non-stop chew,

Someone got it all wrong, right from the start,

People eat cakes, pies, puff pastry and tart,

All is collecting around huge tummies and butts,

Accumulating pounds and calories into their guts

When next time you hear you can’t keep and eat your cake,

Laugh it off and help yourself to another flake,