Richest Man In The World

I am the richest man in the universe,
I do not say that just to put rhyme to verse,
I am rich with grandchildren (so far three),
So far one is up to my thigh and two are up to my knee,
But in a few short years, assuming I am still here,
I am sure they will reach at least as high as my ear,
I can see myself sitting with them, maybe reading a story,
Perhaps a game of chess, in the morning sun warming glory,
Ask them about school; discuss the news, feeling proud,
These are my grandchildren; I could say it aloud,
I wish my parents were around to see hear and enjoy,
The two granddaughters and the one youngest boy

Spare Parts

It seems to me,
That even with Vitamins C and D,
The years have done their work, alas,
A good heart – should be considered a plus,
Last week instead of reading my poetry,
The doctors were reading my ECG,
So here, I go for stress tests and checkups,
Measuring my intake in calories and cups,
At the end of the day we will know,
If I am still good to go,
I will be joining the ranks (maybe),
And have in my chest a part from under my knee,
Maybe a stent or two – will be inserted,
So no part of my heart will feel unfed and deserted,

Almost Three

Time flies – soon Emme will be three,
Growing so fast it amazes me,
So smart and funny the world at her feet,
She will have you dance to her drumbeat,
In my old age I look forward to many joyful days,
As Emme will be getting older and wiser in her ways,
She will go to school and get an education,
Then before you know it – comes graduation,
I had better stop now while I am ahead,
She is almost three and I almost got her wed,


I bought a new car I named her Matilda,
Almost as old Fashioned as Brunhilda or Griselda,
She is sort of heavy set, with a big round behind,
She is a big SUV – so many a spot are blind,
She is not build for speed, but rather for comfort,
She is more on the long and less on the short,
Many new hi-techs gadgets Matilda has,
Bluetooth-ing, voice activated classical or jazz,
She talks and she listens, she sings and she hums,
When she eats too much I give her some Tums,
Matilda is a Canadian made Chevy Equinox SUV,
Fully bi-lingual – more of a Tory less of an NDP,
I think Matilda and I will have a few good years together,
Be it for worse or be it for better,

It’s Over

Well the Olympiad is over,
We are far from the white cliffs of Dover,
Back to our normal daily grind,
Back to the usual state of mind,
Down from the Olympus, down to earth,
For whatever we think it is worth,
No more record breaking at wholesale rates,
Who has more medals? China or the States,
Humankind two weeks of peace and tranquility,
Now back to unpredictable reality


Turning chaos to order,
Putting fences and border,
We as humans must have things systemized,
Must have things organized and categorized,
Our brain is limited this way,
Be it daily life or casual play,
Only some are fortunate to see the abstract,
To make sense in nonsense while our heads still intact,
This is how we invent and create things new,
Make the wrong right and false becomes true,
Dare and see the world is no longer flat,
This barking comes not from a dog but a cat,
Change conventions and try a little chaos,
Make a mess see what comes across,

Age Of Innocence

I have passed through the age of innocence,
Gone through the age of adolescence,
Out of the crib I am, into the world,
As into the wind I was tossed out and hurled,
Going to war with my own little demons,
That lay in ambush for me in their millions,
Winning the little battles as they come,
Crushing them hard under my thumb,
Laurel leaves are not for the meek,
And I have yet to reach my peak