Flowers and Love

I read somewhere maybe Confucius or Buddha,
Maybe Spinoza Kant or the Dalai Lama,
That said that if you see a flower you love,
Do not pick it up do not let it die and starve,
Let it live so you can enjoy the beauty always,
You pick it up it will live only for a few days,
Love is not about possession but about giving,
Love is about nurturing the joy of the living,
If you love a flower, pick it not to have it yourself,
And your love don’t go and put on a shelf,
Do not posses do not demand let it stream,
Love is not for the one it is for the team,

My Music Career

When I was a young boy four feet tall,
Played the guitar and piano I played them all,
A prodigy was I indeed; I had a great future,
Everyone said that; neighbours, parents my teacher,
I played classical, jazz, pop, popular, even rock,
Pieces by Bach, Gershwin, Mozart and Monk,
All was well I was ready for the big stage,
Even though I was very young and under age,
However, my great career came to a sudden halt,
When I played Chopin’s “the minute waltz” –
 In forty seconds flat,

Walking to the End of the World

I walked to the end of the world,
I stood on the edge, not a sound was heard,
I looked down the abyss – the endless pit,
If down you go, the fall will never quit,
The world is flat and flat it shall remain,
It ends at the Persian Gulf after Bahrain,
On the other side the world restarts again,
With Iran and Shiraz Japan and the Yen,
It used to be round for many years before,
But the government decided round it is no more,
Governments know best what is good for us,
Now government decided we can smoke grass,

Summer Fishing

I think next summer I‘ll go fishing again,
I shall have my grandchildren join me, amen,
I will show them how to tie a fisherman’s knot,
Maybe teach them how to string a worm, maybe not,
On second thought, I shall teach them “fly fishing”,
Then go to the lake or a stream, mosquitoes hitching,
All the fish we will return to the water back to life,
We won’t even take a scaling blade or filleting knife,
We shall take peanut butter and jam sandwiches,
Some lemonade and maybe hot dogs and sausages,
Everyone will wear his or her own wide brim hat,
So no one will burn top of the head just like that,
Later that afternoon, we shall have dinner of course,
Some more peanut butter with jam and no remorse,

Picture is Worth How Many Words?

Lately I have been using metaphors,
To describe metaphors and it just pours,
It’s like using a picture to explain a picture,
Like painting instead of giving a lecture,
They say a picture is worth a thousand words,
So I have collected pictures of people and birds,
When I had sixty pictures, I figured enough,
Collecting sixty pictures was already plenty tough,
I figured with so many pictures, I have a few chapters,
 Enough for a short book – not that it matters,
Now my pictures replace the poetry writing,
I just need to set the pictures to rhyming,

Senior Moment

I went to a movie late Friday night,
It has been years since I enjoyed such delight,
As I chose the show – that I wanted to see,
Getting my wallet ready to make the due fee,
I looked at the ticket I got from the cashier,
That was served to me – by the young dear,
And the ticket said in letters – at list an inch tall,
A ticket for SENIORS – does not that beat it all,
I, recognized as a senior at my ripe young age,
Mistakenly recognized as a senior, so wrongly gauged,
I looked in the mirror – there I was same old me,
Devilishly handsome, in great shape as you can see,
So why would I be given a ticket for seniors? Denial,
Last night I got a ticket for seniors, now I am senile,

Almost Three Years

I needed you to put your hand on my head,
So that I could rest the turmoil I so dread,
You never really did in your uncaring manner,
You saw miles away just not on your own platter,
I wish you lots of luck in search of the far away,
So you can save them all from pain ache and decay,
And spend your remaining years proud and just,
As your “friends” have a family and you turn to dust,

In Cat’s Heaven

The cat was tinkering outside the box,
I love a rye bagel with cream cheese and lox,
I believe cats love lox too not so much the bagel,
They are also impartial to sitting around the table,
I have yet to see a cat using a knife and a fork,
Not for any dish, chicken beef or even pork,
I recall my first cat Brunhilda she was a mess,
Never managed to train her I must confess,
But her son Sparafuchile was something else,
That actually we did manage to make a success,
He was house broken had style and good looks,
 Now in cat’s heaven he probably cooks,

The Smart House

The smart house is a good idea I say,
It will know all you want throughout the day,
It will feel and fulfil all your needs to a T,
You need not do anything just relax it is free,
It reads your mind and understands your wishes,
It will mix your drinks and your meals are delicious,
It will play with you chess and read your daily papers,
Will light your BBQ and argue with your neighbours,
The smart house is so smart you are no longer needed,
It now lives with your wife you have been succeeded


There are places I go to think,
Have a sit, a cigar, get myself in synch,
A place where I can be with me all alone,
No interruptions, no talk, no telephone,
Me with myself and maybe a small drink,
Nothing else not even the kitchen sink,
I find I need these times off, quality time,
For it is for me that the bells now chime,


I am so smart witty and so complex,
I do not understand a word I say but it checks,
I reinvented the wheel and it came out square,
I went to the ballet on Christmas I needed a pair,
Well it was the traditional nutcracker it was painful,
Next year I will skip the ballet – just too stressful,
Chanukah is simpler – every night another light,
A dreidel, a latke, a few calories and you are alright,

The Words Hunter

I am a word hunter I hunt for words,
I pluck them from the air like flying birds
Collect them in order collect them in rhyme
Making sure they all line up at the right time
Sometimes the words are sneaky and hide well
Sometimes they are easy to find one can tell
After I use those words in a line or a sentence
I free them to go to be used in another instance


Brrrr…..… baby its cold outside,
Going outside is a self inflicted suicide,
It takes two minutes to turn into solid ice,
It must be world warming and we pay the price,
How cold is it you ask wanting to know how bad,
Well going out now will be crazy and totally mad,
Everything seems to be moving in slow motion,
Looking outside you see the Arctic Ocean,
Chickens beg to be put into the BBQ where it’s hot,
They rather broil than slowly freeze their butt,
I saw dogs refuse to go for their daily walk,
So their owners carried them around the block,
It is a cold day today up in Canada in Toronto,
Weather station promises a worse tomorrow,