How Things Work?

How things work? Has always fascinated me,
I have this need to check and search and see,
Why is the sky so blue? And the sea water is salty,
Why when right its right, but when wrong it’s faulty,
I love taking things apart to see just how they function,
Small dinner is not dinnereon but small lunch is luncheon,
I tore a book to see if indeed all pages are accounted for,
Surely they were short there was no page twenty four,
That’s how my days go by hour chases hour year follows year,
I wrote this poem with three cognacs that followed a beer,

Above The Dove

I am scared of standing high on the balcony,
When I look down from above it is extreme agony,
People seem so small from above just little dots,
If you drop down below you will most surely platz,
So what is the use of having a balcony so high above?
Why should I be looking down on a flying dove?
I could have had additional 100 feet inside the condo,
It is too cold 9 months of the year anyways in Toronto,

You Don’t Have To Be Jewish

Moshe, the owner of a small kosher deli,
The IRS thought his tax return was smelly,
He reported $100,000 net income this year,
“I work like a dog all year, and I bust my rear”,
He Said:
“What do you want from my life, I gave you all,
You will not be satisfied until my business will fall”,
So the IRS then replied:
“Well it is not your income that caught our attention,
It’s the twelve trips to Israel you deducted and mention”,
“You and your wife and the kids altogether last year,
We find it a little extreme don’t you agree dear sir?”
“Oh that” – said Moshe:
“This is nothing, bubkes, just chopped liver,
The trips to Israel: “‘Well… We also deliver.'”