Smoke Rings

It is hot today, up in the thirties,
Hot enough to melt Swiss cheese,
The sun strong, the humidity high,
Not a cloud to be seen, up in the sky,
Now we can begin to miss winter,
So cold, like being stubbed with a splinter,
Today it’s so hot, you can boil an egg,
To broil a steak, no need to go to the “Keg”,
Even the birds were singing lullabies,
Frogs were kissing their tadpoles goodbyes,
Lazy winds were picking late at night,
Time to sit in the breeze with a Coors light,
Light a cigar, blow a few smoke rings,
I am ready for whatever tomorrow brings

And Coffee For All

I saw a sign at the local grocery store,
It was a big sign they hang on the door,
It said we are now selling coffee,
You can find it second shelf next to the toffee,
Right under the new coffee sign,
There was another one with just one line,
“No dogs allowed in here”, to which I say,
Never in my city, there is just no way,
If a dog in my neighborhood wants a cup,
I will not stand idle or shut up,
It is a free society we live-in, freedom for all,
Whether you are a Great Dane or 2 inches tall

Chess Game

It is like a chess game,
You set up the board, take careful aim,
Your target is here, right next to the king,
Your muscles are twitching, ready to spring,
You start easy, the first two squares,
The pawns are in front, the four pairs,
You mislead one way, to overtake another,
Sacrifice a pawn, to promote its brother,
An opening of this, a gambit of that,
On the board, a well developed combat,
You move a knight then manoeuvre a bishop,
Pull a few times on the knight’s stirrup,
Get rid of their castles, king under siege,
A knight is about to lose its prestige,
Another manoeuvre, there she is,
The queen exposed, you are the wiz,
You conquered, you won, celebrate,
You are the man, checkmate

I saw You In The Crowds

I thought I saw you in the crowds,
It was you, I had no doubts,
I was driving on Bathurst, heading downtown,
About an hour before sundown,
The light plays tricks on the eyes,
With the sun soaring low in the skies,
I knew it cannot be you, you are no more,
You have passed away sixteen months before,
Yet the mind plays tricks, or is it the heart,
Logic says not, but the heart is apart,
Maybe just wishing for another glance,
See your face, just one more chance.

No Magic

I am beginning to forget the faces,
Cannot relate the faces to the places,
Some are still living, some gone,
Some were smiling, some drawn,
Now all fading away, as if melting slow,
Into oblivion never to be seen or show,
How sad how dreadful so tragic,
This is reality there is no magic.


I can’t make anybody love me,
Maybe I am not their cup of tea,
Perhaps my humour is not to their liking,
Or the use I do with English wording,
Maybe it is my outlook on life,
Maybe my tendency to end in strife,
Does it really matter who loves us true,
In need, only true friends will stick by you,
All the rest will fade so fast,
You will surely think it a blast,

Walk A Little

The long nightly walks I take,
Are very long walks, make no mistake,
They last for about ninety minutes and more,
It is one kilometer then another then another four,
It takes me through different neighbourhoods,
Through shrubs, pavements, bushes, and woods,
Against the whistling wind going and coming,
I enjoy walking while singing to myself and humming,
Summers and spring are best for such walks,
In winter you freeze without an extra pair of socks,
This is the way to keep in great form,
That’s what you must do, sit not on your butt at home,
Walk, run, exercise, and cover some grounds,
Who knows you may yet lose a few pounds