Have You Ever Had a Dream?

Have you ever had a dream?
That you were having a dream,
Have you ever had a dream having dinner?
In an expensive restaurant around the corner,
Having a nice rack of lamb and a glass of wine,
A nice Jewish style pickles in salty brine,
Finishing the dinner with Cream Brule’ dessert,
Half of it ended up all over my shirt,
Then just before leaving that place of grill,
Even in my dream, I had to pay the bill,

Putting the Kids to Sleep

 As the days I have behind me, outnumber,
The days awaiting me ahead before I go under,
As my children have their own, making me grandpa,
Although I am not ready yet to retire to Tampa,
I remember how I used to put my children to sleep,
On my tummy they would lie and in a second not a beep,
They would have their ear against my chest, my heartbeat,
Would calm them in a minute the rhythm was the treat,
These are the memories one carries with oneself always,
Although my kids are way too big to do the same nowadays,

Rowing or floating

You float on a river catch the waves,
You row the boat like a tribe of braves,
You must row the boat much faster,
Or this chase will end in a disaster,
You can let the flow carry you alone,
Take a chance you may sink like a stone,
The flow carries you at a speed of a troll,
If you are taken you have no control,
It is your choice, are you being taken,
Or are you in control rowing and awaken,

What Month

I know girls named April and May,
I met a June on a cold winter day,
I have yet to meet a December or July,
January, February or March yet to apply,
Thor has a Thursday Odin a Wednesday,
The sun got a day Saturn stuck with Saturday,
 Why no one was named after September?
Why was October left out, as did November?
I dare you to name your child March or January,
Especially if your child was born in February,


Do you realize the pressure and the stress?
On a dozen eggs sitting in their egg case,
Every morning another one disappears,
Leaving a gap that is impossible to miss,
Turned into an omelette or sunny side up,
Next to the salad before the coffee cup,
Every time the cover swings open – panic,
You may compare the situation to the Titanic,
Just put yourself in their shoes check it out,
We started together twelve on the same route,
Next morning we were eleven then ten then nine,
After a week, we knew we die for someone to dine,
We die hard-boiled, soft, fried, poached, beaten,
Either way we eventually end up – being eaten,


Speak not of offerings, resignation and sacrifice,
Promise not of stardust if you do not pay the price,
Pledge not of days to come when past is still present,
Vow not of happiness in these your days of discontent,
For I am freedom I spread my wings and soar and fly,
Over the tall trees the dark city up there in the sky,
No longer do I speak nor promise nor pledge or vow,
The past, present and future have turned to just now,
No longer do I care of the untouched holly sacred cow,
From up in the sky like the raven I wave at thee ciao,

The Ark

Well we know Noah built the ark,
Collected all animals that chirp and bark,
With four feet two feet and no feet as well,
That ark must have had some awful bad smell,
But Noah had to save all creatures ever created,
The green and the red the striped and the tainted,
The tall and the skinny the short the fat and the wide,
The liked the hated the spoiled and the much denied,
Only Noah his wife and kids were there to clean and scoop,
To feed, give water, brush the hair and pick up the poop,
No wonder Noah turned out to be an alcoholic and a bum,
He ended up on Ararat with sons Japheth Shem and Ham,

The End of the Year

It’s the end of December almost New Year,
Snowing and windy sudden blasts of cold air,
As it should towards the end of the year,
Before the holidays, last week of December,
Everyone rushes to buy last minute presents,
Everyone wants to save just a few more cents,
In a couple of weeks, we change the annum,
We start at the start again, January to resume,
It seems that a year goes and a year comes,
At times in utter silence at times a roll of drums,
What goes up will come eventually down,
It’s the way of the world no way around,

When All Is Gone

People write to keep and remember,
I write to forget neglect and fender,
Put a wall between what was and is no more,
What is now, is not what was before,
Words – can be made to memorize,
Words – can be made to glamorize,
Words – can be made to emphasize,
Words I use are to disguise and vaporize,
And when all is done and gone for good,
As eventually all will die as it should,
Then matters not if words or deeds,
Like yesteryear dried out weeds,

In Conclusion

This is the last poem in book number ten,
Who knew when I started writing back then,
Many years ago must have been grade five,
A young naive kid, as yet not tested with life,
There was no TV, then there was ABC CBS NBC,
No cable, everyone was getting the paper daily,
The Canadian flag just changed to the maple leaf,
All cars were USA made in Detroit – hard to believe,
There were the good guys (us) and the bad, the reds,
Life was simpler we talked, never sent twits or SMS,
We used to read books, a few books every week,
In every mall, there was Coles, Chapters, W.H. Smith,
We played handball, basketball- outdoors sun or snow,
Never had the urge to shoot decapitate impale or blow,
On the weekend we got together and had fun dancing,
Then we went to La Gondola pizzeria if we had financing,
It was a simple life I think it was less complicated,
With Sittler and McDonald in the Maple Leafs-
Life was much less aggravated,

Life’s Lessons

As one grows old, experienced, and wise,
Many are the things one comes to realize,
Never take a laxative with a sleeping pill,
Deadlines are already dead so no need to kill,
Never argue with an idiot, it is a waste of time,
If your face rings a bell, beware when you chime,
Men have two needs they are either horny or hungry,
If your man does not have an erection, open the pantry,
The Beatles sang – “Money can’t buy you love”, they said,
But I hear that you can rent love at a very good rate,
Making an error is only human has been said before,
Blame someone else for it shows leadership even more,
If you want a newer bigger screen TV for your den,
Move your chair closer it’s cheaper and you save again,


“A stairway to heaven” by Led Zeppelin,
“Stairway to paradise” by George Gershwin,
Everyone seems to be using the stairs to climb,
It must be that everyone just has lots of time,
Today no one will be climbing to heaven, no way,
Or climb up the stairs to paradise, no sir not today,
Nowadays it will have to be by the fast escalator,
Or by a speeding modern even faster elevator,
No one will be moving their big fat behind,
It is called evolution – the progress of humankind,

Choice of Words

There is a polio epidemic in the Syrian nation,
They announced the second leg of vaccination,
I think it’s a poor choice of words for the TV,
We need to be careful with our words you agree,
You don’t invite Stevie Wonder to see the city,
Nor mention a rope at the hanged man’s family,
Never throw your hand playing poker with a leper,
And mostly never call an email you sent- a letter,
Listen well before formulating your answer – no rush,
One can bounce a cheque so I prefer to be paid in cash,
There is what you need and there is what you want,
Just like me, needed a vacation ended up with a cold,

Auntie Mame

I never miss a movie with Rosalind Russell,
I’ve seen all her movies as far as I can tell,
My favorite flick of course is Auntie Mame,
Where she plays a delightful eccentric dame,
Not far behind is My Girl Friday a masterpiece,
That was the nineteen forty amazing release,
She has many funny quotations in the movie,
That coming from Russell, sound so very juicy,
She was a very talented actress in an era,
When you just needed to look good in mascara,
So next time Auntie Mame is on TCM make sure,
Make some popcorn and get a front seat secured,

Satie for Sanity

Although Chopin is on top of the list,
Right with Beethoven Mozart and Liszt,
Schubert and Schuman Robert and Clara,
Not far behind with a bit of Smetana,
All of the above their place is guaranteed,
No one will ever question their talents indeed,
Yet for some reason when it comes to the piano,
Gershwin, Satie, Debussy and Thelonious Monk too,
Are my preferred composers I am not sure why,
I have a theory and I am not trying to be a wise guy,
I like them best because they are minimalists,
They express the most where it perfectly fits,
Without the grandiose magnificent majestic show,
They kept things small petite streaming on low,
So next time you want a quiet evening of quality,
A Cognac in one hand and Satie playing for your sanity,

A Good Meal

I like to drink green tea and black tea,
Medical opinion thinks it is good for me,
Now an egg a day is again good for you,
Believe it or not a cup of coffee is too,
The rules of the game change all the time,
Even eating a steak is no longer a crime,
A tall glass of red wine is good for the heart,
Help yourself to a good meal “A La Carte”,
Just make sure that at the end of the day,
What goes in, eventually out finds its way,

Family Albums

I like to flip through the old family albums,
(Of which I do have plenty of volumes),
Pictures of my children at play and rest,
Many a time falling asleep right on my chest,
Walking the walk riding up on my shoulder,
In the cold of winter or the heat of summer,
Many pictures were taken over the years,
So that later we can look at and regress,
I see myself as I really was a naïve youngster,
Idealistic, looking to what lays ahead, a believer,
Yet now many decades later my kids are adults,
With families, responsibilities their own albums,
If I were to put them on my shoulder today,
Put me six feet under and begin to pray,


Black Friday Cyber Monday the great sale,
The great ways to take your cash without fail,
Buy this and buy that as long as you buy,
Will put it in your face until we suck you dry,
Who cares what the excuse may be just buy,
In store on-line before or after don’t be shy,
Put everything on credit cards get air miles too,
We have ways to migrate your money from you,
Your old cell phone is already six months old,
Time to get a new one before they are all sold,
Your tablet has only 16 gigs time to upgrade,
We are in the red in the trillions drowning in debt,
So put up and buy don’t be a traitor to our system,
Stay ahead keep buying remain in the rhythm,

Waiting For Godot

I woke up Saturday morning, late,
Looked around and decided to wait,
I waited for this and waited for that,
It may be a sheep dog a cat or a rat,
Just like Beckett I waited for Godot,
Why? Just like Beckett- I do not know,
All my life I have been waiting, no idea for what,
Was it real, imaginative, positive or not,
Does anyone know what awaits them beyond,
A trip to the sky or a fall in the pond,
I for one do not know nor I try to guess,
Better not know I do dare to confess,
Let me be surprised once again just because,
If I don’t like it I just press on pause,