Have You Ever Had a Dream?

Have you ever had a dream?
That you were having a dream,
Have you ever had a dream having dinner?
In an expensive restaurant around the corner,
Having a nice rack of lamb and a glass of wine,
A nice Jewish style pickles in salty brine,
Finishing the dinner with Cream Brule’ dessert,
Half of it ended up all over my shirt,
Then just before leaving that place of grill,
Even in my dream, I had to pay the bill,

Putting the Kids to Sleep

 As the days I have behind me, outnumber,
The days awaiting me ahead before I go under,
As my children have their own, making me grandpa,
Although I am not ready yet to retire to Tampa,
I remember how I used to put my children to sleep,
On my tummy they would lie and in a second not a beep,
They would have their ear against my chest, my heartbeat,
Would calm them in a minute the rhythm was the treat,
These are the memories one carries with oneself always,
Although my kids are way too big to do the same nowadays,

Rowing or floating

You float on a river catch the waves,
You row the boat like a tribe of braves,
You must row the boat much faster,
Or this chase will end in a disaster,
You can let the flow carry you alone,
Take a chance you may sink like a stone,
The flow carries you at a speed of a troll,
If you are taken you have no control,
It is your choice, are you being taken,
Or are you in control rowing and awaken,

What Month

I know girls named April and May,
I met a June on a cold winter day,
I have yet to meet a December or July,
January, February or March yet to apply,
Thor has a Thursday Odin a Wednesday,
The sun got a day Saturn stuck with Saturday,
 Why no one was named after September?
Why was October left out, as did November?
I dare you to name your child March or January,
Especially if your child was born in February,


Do you realize the pressure and the stress?
On a dozen eggs sitting in their egg case,
Every morning another one disappears,
Leaving a gap that is impossible to miss,
Turned into an omelette or sunny side up,
Next to the salad before the coffee cup,
Every time the cover swings open – panic,
You may compare the situation to the Titanic,
Just put yourself in their shoes check it out,
We started together twelve on the same route,
Next morning we were eleven then ten then nine,
After a week, we knew we die for someone to dine,
We die hard-boiled, soft, fried, poached, beaten,
Either way we eventually end up – being eaten,


Speak not of offerings, resignation and sacrifice,
Promise not of stardust if you do not pay the price,
Pledge not of days to come when past is still present,
Vow not of happiness in these your days of discontent,
For I am freedom I spread my wings and soar and fly,
Over the tall trees the dark city up there in the sky,
No longer do I speak nor promise nor pledge or vow,
The past, present and future have turned to just now,
No longer do I care of the untouched holly sacred cow,
From up in the sky like the raven I wave at thee ciao,