Failing To Fail

There are books aplenty and articles too,
With pathos, soliloquy, so sad and blue,
Many write about success and failing,
After all, life is not just smooth sailing,
Yet they keep throwing in proverbs and quotes,
Telling stories, tidbits, tales and anecdotes,
How failure is really a win if you get up again,
How it turns little cry-babies into real men,
I only have one question, silly I must confess,
If you have failed to fail, is that really success?

A Poet’s Foresight

As a poet, one sees things differently,
You see tired-I see sleep, consequently,
A visit to an Indian restaurant is what others see,
These spices will burn coming out –is what it is to me,
It must be some faulty genetic malfunctions,
That causes one to foresee inevitable reactions,
To each and every action, when someone takes offense,
There has to be and ought to be a direct consequence,
I wonder if that is why – (I really can’t recall),
While looking into the future, I walked into a wall,

History Repeats

Syria’s Assad, Turkey’s Erdogan, Russia’s Putin,
These countries are going totally – “caputin”,
Simple patterns that send us a warning,
A reminder when hell was raining and pouring,
Erdogan is on his way to become A Mussolini,
He’ll end up the same – like a soaking wet linguini,
Basically they see not how history’s repeats,
As they all end up – with shameful defeats,
So let us sit this round out, and watch and wait,
Eventually we’ll see – what will be their fate,

Just Go

I live in a condo overlooking a park,
I do enjoy it from morning till dark,
Nowadays a new game was introduced,
Pokémon Go it’s called I have deduced,
Now I sit on my balcony and just watch,
How people break legs scratch a crotch,
Walking into trees falling over a bush,
Bang their heads scrape a tender tush,
It’s funny that we have no city rules,
To stop people from acting like fools,

New Days – Old Results

People say it’s hard for friendships to be made,
That it is next to impossible to get yourself a date,
They say today with all the smartphone applications,
You cannot create, normal face to face relations,
I beg to differ, this popular opinion is indeed all wrong,
One day unexpected, your chosen one will come along,
Based on my own know-how and experience of late,
She/he will show up regardless of age, height, or weight,
In my case, I had a twitch in my eye, a tic of a sort,
Within an hour I got fifteen dates I’m happy to report,

Old Gum

Winter, I can’t wait for warm summer,
Winter, summer is always a late comer,
Summer is here scorching hot, arid dry,
Feel you are prepared and ready to die,
Days stretch like gum on hot tarry road,
Need to think to remember my postal code,
Had I used mail again – I may need return to,
That tarry road, for that old gum to chew,

Mr. Fine Gets No Emails

Mr. Fine is very worried, he gets not an email,
Not one does he get, (not even old snail),
This causes him concern and much worry,
Everyone else gets emails-that makes it eerie,
He does get his bills and his taxes as always,
(That of course promptly – he duly pays),
Mr. Fine to his psychoanalyst went to inquire,
Why he gets none, not even a simple old wire,
From an acquaintance or a buddy of old days,
An invitation to a wedding, a word or praise,
Well said the shrink with a look that was tense,
Maybe, you get none because you don’t have any friends,