Hide and Seek

I played hide and seek a while back,

I was looking for a hole, a dent, a crack,

It has been a while, weeks, months, maybe years,

I have no idea, no clue, I am gone it appears,

I looked in the mirror but I have no reflection,

A vampire ? me? No way! Natural selection?

Away I am, seen by no-one, a ghost, a specter,

Can I be seen by the tax collector?


Cold Global Warming

A new winter is here, fresh and cold,

The globe is warming, so we have been told,

Does not feel that way, I must say,

When the thermometer shows minus 7 today,

Soon we’ll all be standing in water, to our knees,

Why does it have to be, that I need anti-freeze?

Can’t we at least wade in lukewarm water?

If we’re going to drown, make it in something hotter


Still Here

This week I celebrate my sixty sixth birthday,

My beard is all white, not a sign of blond or grey,

A while ago it was in doubt I’ll make it thus far,

But here I am still, with a new impressive long scar,

Life is good; I have a new grandchild as well, six in all,

I guess I’m lucky, because I never followed protocol,

I look forward to being around a while longer at least try,

No sir I’m not ready to say my good-bye,



Long live democracy – best of all alternatives,

Regardless if NDP, Liberals or conservatives,

Out with the old, in with the new (or slightly used),

You are not completely sure, (Canadians are confused),

Yet I am in doubt the choices we have are cream of the crop,

We already know the Liberal choice was a total flop,

Well, come what may, in a month time we cast our votes,

Please use your head this time, enough a herd of goats,


Officially Off Chemo

That’s it; I am officially off chemo,
It was a daring bet, just like a casino,
Fortunately this bet worked against the odds,
Could it be intervention of the almighty gods?
So for the time being I shall stick around,
Although I am lighter by about forty pounds,
And if all works well, here I shall be for a while,
Time to put on a big and wide smile,


I miss reading

The biggest problem in growing old,

Is when your bad eyesight starts unfold,

I used to read a lot, was my favourite hobby,

Better than games and sports (even hockey),

I read a book a day for most of my life (so far),

In two languages (read and write) as most are,

Too bad when reading can be most beneficial,

We settle for radio and TV (very superficial),



Saturday it’s mass shooting at a “Wal-Mart”,

On Wednesday it’s at a mall where lives will depart,

On Sunday “Target” a good place to start shooting,

Monday at a Marines center of recruiting,

It is called the Second Amendment of the constitution,

It’s the amendment that makes it OK for mass execution,

I think it is clear the USA is long gone, it has died,

Official statement is: death was self-inflicted suicide,