We no longer listen to radio,
Only MP3 and streaming that flow,
We no longer read a book, an article, an essay,
Newspapers and magazines are fading away,
We no longer are, “three dimensional” or more,
TV’s are, speakers, games, plastic dirt on the shore,
Humanity’s IQ has dropped 10 points last 50 years,
However, it may go lower –
Once the dust in the white house clears


Life’s Good

Politics has taken over TV,
No need to try hard, understand and see,
On the one side, south, a delusional president,
Twitting away to his heart’s content,
On the other side, “A Selfie” Premier,
That from being an idiot makes a career,
“Oy, Canada”, at least in Ontario we done change,
We were rid of Wynne, got Ford in exchange,
Who cares people, Canadians, life is a gas,
Soon Canada will legalize grass.

Who Will Be Remembered?

As a poet, I am a keen observer of human nature,
As a person I am humble and shy away from adventure,
I keep my ears and eyes open, hear, and see it all,
From bright early morn till misty dark night fall,
I have seen governments and nations big and small,
I have seen leaders, skinny, fat, short and tall,
Over time, history and dust covers them all,


Who is on First?

Rahab, that according to the bible was getting laid,
Working the oldest profession, for which she was paid,
It seems there is troubling disagreement on fact,
Which was first? Prostitution? Or a political act,
By todays information we cannot conclude either way,
The jury is out and it seems that out it will stay,


My shadow and I are no longer talking,
We stopped talking and do our separate walking,
He walks the days when the strong sun hits from above,
I walk the nights to avoid his un-welcomed persistent love,
Let it be a lesson to learn, for my ex dark shadow that was,
Even if I break (in the process) a few old physics laws,


Once we had ideas and smarts, a list very long,
We had Socrates, Voltaire, Aristotle, Plato, and Jung,
Ideas were written, published, scribbled and crafted,
Rewritten, edited, reviewed, reworded, compiled and amended,
We used chisels and pencils, quills, ballpoints and fountain pens,
Those days when content counted and words were intense,
Today, pen and pencil, quill, even the chisel are all gone,
Today, instead we have our know it all smartphone,
Who needs smarts, when with a line and a click,
You can be twitting like a president and be a dick,