Adam’s Leaf

Consider that sometimes a little thing,
Can change drastically like honey to sting,
By changing just a very small mundane detail,
What was once a mighty head is now a ponytail,
I was wondering out loud what if Adam and Eve,
Were to bite a lemon not an apple, still had to leave,
Then recognizing the situation standing bare naked,
Eve seeing Adam naked she had him downgraded,
The bible tells us that Adam used a fig leaf to hide,
In reality, he used an olive leaf small and half dried,

Arik Einstein

Today Arik Einstein died of aneurism,
Another ISM for our age of skepticism,
To me Arik was the voice of sanity behind Israel,
He brought to life poems long gone clear as bell,
Words of the old poets of the pure and the good,
The naïve and often easily misunderstood,
He was part of every little memory I carry,
Childhood, friends, politics, my children, army,
His songs were always there like a trusted friend,
Walking with loved ones always hand in hand,
Songs of love, beauty, no outsider can understand,
Songs like “You and I will change the world”,
Songs that will forever be and never end,
Good-bye Arik you will be missed dear friend,

What’s the Time?

Every moment present future and past,
Coexist there is no first middle or last,
All time is here and now at the same time,
It is more where in space we are- or I’m,
Einstein really had the system upside down,
Am I a mad scientist or a mixed-up clown?
I may end up my own grandfather’s father,
In 2000 or 3000 BC (not that it matter),
Time is a state of where not when so you know,
Therefore, I am forward on pause ready to go,
To be on the safe side I shall see you later,
Here now before are you my mother or brother?

A Walk In The Snow

Nowadays the wind is freezing cold,
And the world puts itself on hold,
When on my nightly walks with my cigar,
There is only me the wind and a lonely star,
Has anyone ever tried to light a cigar?
When the wind blows faster than a racing car,
I use this long wooden specialty match,
So long, I can reach my back to scratch,
I cover the match cupping my hands over it,
So that with one strike I will have it lit,
I strike and strike again the fire lingers,
There I go again burning my fingers,
Thus, I go for my nightly walk in the snow,
With my lit cigar and fingers that glow,

The Cosmos

At the time where there is no more time,
When the sun will shrink to the size of a dime,
When the present will also be the future,
Holding the past altogether in suture,
When there is no more living all gone,
No stars, no suns, any night no more dawn,
Just like before Genesis all just a mess,
Just as it was before our universe,
I can’t bear the thought all ideas vanished,
No history no logic not a soul all banished,
Star becomes red giant then white dwarf,
Then black hole that into nothing will morph,
Somehow, this makes me rethink again,
Being stuck in traffic is not such a pain,


I think this winter of going to Spain,
When it’s so cold blood freeze in your vein,
Then in spring I shall go to France,
I’ll play it safe why take a chance,
Next summer I will consider Japan,
I hear it is much nicer than Sudan,
And naturally this time next fall,
I shall relax in far away Nepal,
Lucky only four seasons in the year,
Or I would go broke for sure I fear,

Half a Century ago

Its 50 years since Kennedy has gone,
To that place in the great beyond,
With his death, he created a legend,
Not that he meant it or was intended,
Since he died conspirators in every corner,
Was the assassination locally done or by a foreigner,
Was he as good as everyone says he was?
Was it the Russians, the mafia – what was the cause?
And Marilyn Monroe what was her part in this,
Happy Birthday Mr. president and blow him a kiss,
Fifty years have gone by – half a century you know,
The only one still around is good old Fidel Castro,