I want you to know
I already made – this promise to you,
I will be there for you, always
In good or in bad days,
When you are sad – I will wipe away your tears,
When you are afraid -I will toss away your fears,
When love is all you need – My love to you is always there,
When you are vulnerable – For you I will care,
When you need a shoulder – I’ll be your rock
Else – I’m just another Schmuck

The Road Ahead

Would it be too much to ask of you
To walk with me the road ahead?
Would it be too much to ask of you
To give me your hand?
and hand in hand we’ll walk
exploring the road ahead,
enjoying the moment of discovery,
together uncovering the beauty of life.
would it be too much to ask of you
to put your trust in me?
to find comfort in my arms,
to lose yourself in me?
would it be too much to ask of you
to laugh with me, with your ringing laughter
the kind that bursts out real and free?
would it be too much to ask of you
to cry with me, when you feel the pain
and trust in me to share it with you?
would it be too much to ask of you
to just love me with your whole being
as I love you?
Would it be too much to ask of you
To enjoy the gift of life and its wonders?
To share with me its mysteries
and the joy of discovery
for we have such rare endowment,,,
– true love


You are so perfect
The perfect woman for me
You are so perfectly perfect
It’s amazing to see,
And between your perfection
And mine
We are just perfectly divine,
And thus we shall perfectly pursue
the perfect marriage
making sure we don’t screw
or this time we are really screwed deep,
for perfection has its weakness
it always has to be perfect
or it loses its uniqueness,
then we end up with
the imperfect perfection
which is basically
perfectly imperfect,
so bottom line my love
we are either:
imperfectly perfect
or perfectly imperfect
either way we are perfect
and this made perfect sense
I am sure you will perfectly agree
As you can perfectly see,
So just keep loving me perfectly
In your imperfect loving way
Until you are imperfectly but
Perfectly frustrated and bored
and then, imperfection !


So you are trying – to make some sense
And you talk with – such confidence
Of love and of lessons – and what lies ahead
But now after all was done – and definitely been said
The fact remains – we are both left empty handed
You over there – me over here – yet both are stranded
No winners, only losers
And as the years pass us by – and we are wrinkled and old
Let us not look back – and feel – we were both undersold
Because big words may sound – so impressive and bold
But are meaningless when your back aches – and your bones are cold


I am tired- exhausted, drained and weary
I walk the walk; talk the talk- bleary
My nights, white nights – spent lying in bed awake
Worried, wired, for what purpose – whose sake?
Does it help – by the day’s end?
That awake -my nights are spent.
Do thoughts of grandeur – play in my head?
Or is it fear- thinking of my daily bread?
Let me strike a deal – sign an agreement
I do not give in -until complete fulfilment
Repeat after me
– and it will be
“You are bright, talented – able
If you want – you could become a fable
So cheer up – chop, chop
You can make it- to the top”
I am here – shoulder strong
I have yet to sing – my swan song
These old bones will yet arise
To everyone’s amazing surprise

Coffee or Tea

So the coffee – was instant
But this is – consistent
In this place where the – cold rules
What was important – I think
Is that we had – a drink
I could see you – and feel your hand
After thirty years, maybe you will understand
That being with you – is so grand
And it makes my whole – expand
My heart aches for – you
The coffee maybe instant – or brew
But you will always -be to me
My greatest, most wonderful – cup of tea

World is round

Funny how things come out – into the clear
It is strange, curious – and one could say queer
But whenever we talk– you become indisposed
It is my behaviour you say – me, you always oppose
It makes me wonder – who is besieged
Whose reins – are so clearly abridged
How blind we are – when we are to judge
So much easier – if we are another to smudge
Freedom is – in the eye of the beholder
Who is the meek – and who is the bolder
It is not your activity – or your proclivity
It comes down to – the theory of relativity
How mighty we are- in our ivory tower
Surrounded by the kids – you have all the power
Yet the world is round – and round it goes
What awaits us at the end of the road, no one knows


I’m shy said the flower – beautiful and sad
In thorns, it hasted – to have itself clad
Thorns you see – the flower explained
Keep my emotions – in line and restrained
They are my protection – from the almighty love
From wants and desires – and everything thereof
Thus, I can protect myself – and hide in peace
Chances of exposure – are surely to decrease


Once you were so open minded
Something has happened – and your were blinded
Nothing lasts, you are driven – by some inner devil
That makes you think – you are between hammer and anvil
Yesterday at the coffee shop – we went back to basics
This afternoon again – back to semantics
Nothing is good enough – I don’t need to say a word
Like a story by Gogol – it’s theater of the absurd
You want then you don’t – you are hot than you’re cold
Slowly and surely – this madness unfold
And this drives you- to being overly aggressive
Mixed with a pint of melancholy – depressive
Which if keeps the momentum – of being successive?
Will surely turn around – happily regressive

These few moments

Have I detected – an unhappy note?
Did I unintentionally – disdain promote?
If I did – your forgiveness I seek
I never meant harm – or to be cheek
You know that I hold you – highly respected
Your wellbeing – always protected
My pride has not blinded me- nor affected
My judgment, my senses – not neglected
I have tried to be- less ceremonious
Put you at ease – situation less ominous
Knowing your discomfort -with all but with the Muppet Ernie
I may have turned a short walk – into a long journey
By now you should know me – to be gentle and kind
Never a harsh word – violence declined
Once you had said – we need more passion
At least that was – my initial impression
I agree – your words were so very wise
We work so hard- to have it in disguise
Instead of words of passion- lust and desire
We exchange words – like a church choir
Being so careful – to play the game right
Killing in its infancy -every delight
Sometimes – in those treasured few moments of heat
We let our guard down – it is such a treat
For a short time – we let ourselves go
You and I – we both know
When the guards are down – for all its worth
We truly have – heaven on earth

My Hero

Congratulations my hero – my true grit
Buying the house- shows wisdom and wit
So quickly, get working – set up the kitchen
I can’t wait – my fingers are itching
I want to show up -with a bottle of wine
Prepare the dinner -on which we shall dine
I promised delicacies- worthy of a queen
It will be so deliciously good – it will be obscene
Osso buco or chicken cacciatore – potatoes on the side
Your taste buds -will not be denied
Please don’t think -we shall stop at taste
Our other senses will surly -don’t go to waste


As I was walking – against the wind blowing-
In my face -whining – biting- stinging
You were there – within sight – a touch away-
Yet the closer I got – the further you would sway
Every step towards you – you grew apart –
Funny – but the laws of physics do not apply-
When it comes to matters of the heart
But stubborn am I – dug my heels real deep
Going up the hill – so mercilessly steep
Some things are worth – changing the laws-
Of physics – for the right cause
And if science – modification needs
To distinguish flower – from the weeds
So be it – words shall be replaced by deeds

Red Rose

Red rose – in a silken cage
Woven slowly – taken time to age
The rose wove it – over the years
To protect herself – from her own fears
The silk was woven – state of the art
With schemes, intrigue and blackheart
But the rose – her vitals can not deny
Or soon the rose – will dry and die
Alone in the cage of – silk and twine
Dry, arid, crumpled, fallen, gone…..

Life’s little pleasures

You should be able at your leisure
To accept life’s little pleasures
And begin to see the half full glass
Things are not as bad, life isn’t so evil
And if I recall, I don’t go on you medieval
Nor I treat you like a caveman in the dark
So please take things into proportion
Treat life nice , not like an accident or an abortion
And the rest will follow smooth and painless
For life is to be a celebration
Taken lightly, certainly not with frustration
So enjoy them with a smile, stay away from stress
For how do you tell good if there is no bad
What base is there, for comparison to be had
For without bad, there is no good and that’s sad
So think it over , consider the facts
What’s the use of cream cheese without the lax
Think about it – I am sure you will be glad

Goodbye to Abba

We can sob and cry
And even try
To understand the when and why
Until no eye is, dry
We could see this as Abba/Sabba gone
But I look around and I see
How you raised a whole new family
From the ashes a whole tribe has sprang
Wall to wall the Artman gang
Two sons with their wives
Between them created six more lives
And from the six so far sprang two
Zoe and Emme came on cue
Soon we shall be plenty
Maybe even more than twenty
And you and Imma from above
Will look down full of love
Smile as only you guys could
Everything will be good
Rest Abba/Sabba rest in peace
We all send you a huge big kiss

Stormy Sea

I felt your hand – so soft and warm
It was nice and friendly – felt like home
I wanted your head – to rest on my chest
Let you relax – like a bird in her nest
Wanted to drive – all your bad thoughts away
Brush off – all fear – anxiety and dismay
Let you know – you are safe with me
I am your haven – in a stormy sea
Sleep well – have a good night
I’m thinking of you – what a delight

Tired and sick

You are sick – your nose dripping
Your body aches – your muscles nipping
You’re tired, edgy – presumed dead
Sucked dry – every drop of blood bled
Is there hope – for such a corpse?
Will she end life like this – crawling on all fours?
From work to bed to work again?
My god – sounds like you are ready to cut a vein
You fall asleep – exhausted and drained
Situation unexplained

It seems to me – that unless I jump to the rescue
You’ll end up like Romania’s Ceausescu



Like a sunflower – you live
Blossoming by day – sleepy by eve
Lively colorful – under the sun
Drowsy at night- your day is done
A woman of contradictions – night and day
Awake at night – in bed you lay
Searching for that– peace of mind
Tired of your –daily grind
I wish with a stroke -of my magic wand
Every night – I would send you to fairyland
Cure your pain – chase the demons away
Those monsters – causing you dismay
Let me hold you – embrace you with love
We have already established- we fit like a glove
I’ll lay you – down to sleep
I’ll even count for you – the woolly sheep
Watch over you – all night long
Until in the morning – you’ll wake with a song
I wish I could – I know I can
I am your sandman

You Are!

My best friend – You are,
My lover – You are,
All I want – you are,
The sun that warms up my day – You are,
The moonlight that shows me the way – You are,
All that I see – You are,
All that I feel – You are,
All that I hear- You are,
All that I want – You are,
All that is – You are,
All that will be – You are.


I love you as I love the calm
After we make love and rest
In each other’s arms,
I love you as I love your scent
When you rest your head on my chest,
I love you as I love
Your footsteps at the door
As you walk in after work,
I love you as I love your smile
In the flickering light
of a scented candle,
I love you as I love
the last rays of light
of the dying day
as it sparkles in your hair,
When we sit on the porch
Overlooking the wadi,
I love you as I love
A Miles Davis tune
When you are in my arms,
I love you as I love you
For what we are when we are

Hold me tight

Call me “My Dear”
So I would shed a tear
When I’m far away;
And see you not all day.
Will you kiss me lightly
As I hold you tightly
Will you smile at me,
For the world to see?
When I kiss your lips;
Will I know if our love is for keeps?
Do you love me – to touch?
As I love touching you so much?
Always be my lover, friend
And our love will never end
Together we will sail
Our love big as a whale
Until our dying day
Until we fade away


It’s funny,
How many of us are as free as a bird,
locked in a cage they don’t know it
they flap their wings as if going somewhere
yet going nowhere,
they see the sun, in between the vertical bars
yet are afraid to venture from within the cage
freedom is relative – I guess
as long as they get their morning plate of seeds
and few drops of water
freedom is relative?
ashamed I sit and write,
continuing on this loosing fight,
my enemies frustration and boredom
I wonder how long this time?

Heaven’s Door

Well, today I turn fifty-seven
And so far am not knocking on the doors of heaven
Assuming heaven is still for the good and the innocent
And everything and everyone who is decent
I shall not be knocking on heaven’s door ever
And you don’t have to be clever
To know that heaven being for the meek
Heaven promises to be very bleak
So I guess at the T intersection
I shall make the right selection
And be going to where the action is
With all the pot heads and show biz
Where smoking cigars is allowed
The music is playing loud
Being surrounded by the right crowd
Over the heads hangs a huge smoke cloud
That seems like a good place to be
And, I expect you to be there with me!!!

Who is on third?

Chekov- said a gun showing in the first,
Will surely fire a bullet and burst,
By the third act,
And that’s a fact,
Regardless of what was said, or planned
As sure as the palm of your hand,
For the wise and sage – will always know-
We reap, what we sow,
As Hosea hath said three millennia ago
They who sow the wind – will reap a storm

“Goodbye to Mother”

And the snow melted, the grass sprouted, and grey winter silent be
Geese to lake – wide winged – strong their voices echo
And tree will wake – and flower bloom – and sun ignites again
Warming mother earth – its light bright radiant
Spring peeps – blossoming – and the green is back – and the red is back
Nature uttered its word – done its deed – and the world attentive
Just man for he is a man – transient – passer-by
His time measured – his verdict known – inevitable reality
And winter returns – and snow returns – and flower fade away
And mother soft and pure – memory as summer – always warm be



The realities are a little strange
And the price for this exchange
Is sometimes very high
And a little difficult to apply
We live in strange fast moving times
And feel alone and neglected sometimes
We look for the ideal, for romance
Knights and waltz and ballet dance
Alas the realities are a little crude
And make us feel a little screwed
We go thru life bored and frustrated
Between you and me it’s all overrated
So if we are lucky to get a bite
Of little fun, pleasant delight
Let us not sneer at it so fast
Everyday could be our last


“Cupid Fell Asleep”

Cupid fell asleep – in June
For love – has fallen swoon
His arrows – broken, fractured
His bow – twisted and cankered
Flowers – lost their scent
Wine – sour went
Birds – their song spoiled
Grass – dirty and soiled
For without light – all is gone
Nature – has withdrawn
Grey – has conquered all
Indifference – has a ball


“What Is Poetry”

What is poetry – what is poesy for?
It’s a paradox – where less is more
Thus with fewer words – minimal rhyme
Your ideas and thoughts – will forever chime
Its purpose to communicate- to the intelligent mind
With language implied – words refined
To tell yet to hide – to lure and entice
Keeping the form – precise and concise
It’s drama, tragedy- comedy or satire
Make you tear, laugh, angry or desire
Like music it has- rhythm and beat
If good -ageless, a real treat
Like music can be interpreted- many a way
Revolutions, wars, romance, love and play
Homers Iliad – Troy set ablaze
A thousand ships – Helena’s face
Beware of the word – mightier then sword
The right phrase – has its reward
Let yourself go – surrender your ear
Let your heart – lead and steer
Poetry is sexless – either good or bad
No need to say more – no need to add
Had it not been sexless – I dread
Poetry would have been – repeatedly raped



When the years – have past you by
And plowed grooves – visible to the eye
Those furrows tell – a tale of life
Of friendship, love, hate and strife
They tell your life story – to the beholder
Yet behind it all – hides the fire – that still smolder
Wisdom learned, experience gained, knowledge acquired
Wants and dreams – that you desired
Like wine you age – improving with time
Your scent and taste – are on the climb
These qualities – you now – must combine
For the years ahead – will be divine


The Old Flying Herring

For a long time at the city zoo – everyone knew
From Jerry the turtle- to Winnie the pooh
For answers to questions – and specific knowledge
Better than University – or a reputable college
The “Old Flying Herring” – is a sure bet
He’ll come with the answer – without breaking a sweat
He’ll be fast and precise – always a pro
With “Old Flying Herring” you know – the cash will flow
One day, Gloria the curious, ginger giraffe
Asked “Old Flying Herring”, in a wondering, husky laugh
“How is it, you are so smart and wise?”
“How is it, everyone seeks your advice?”
“Old Flying Herring is smart, not because he’s a Herring, my dear”
Answered “Old Flying Herring” – with a wide grin – yet sincere
“But because he is an old seasoned hand”
“That over the years – allowed his mind to expand”
So be wise, and in “Old Flying Herring” put your trust
“Old Flying Herring’s” motto is, “Success or Bust”


The Canadian Spring

Nothing can describe the beauty – of the Canadian spring
More than a family of geese – crossing Old Colony Road
On their way from Bond Lake – to the smaller pond
The male is in the lead – followed by 4 or 5 ducklings
The female closing ranks – flapping her big grey wings
They always use the same route – about ten meters wide
Their droppings covering the sidewalk – where it’s slowly being piled
They will glide down the hillside- into the brownish pond
Their symposium so loud – you can hear it to Yonge Street and beyond
As they swim to and fro – along the ponds snake like banks
In a long file – one behind the other – never breaking ranks
Their graceful long necks- dipping into the murky soup
Searching, looking, seeking – for their next tasty scoop
So peaceful a picture – so simple a scene
It’s Mother Nature way – of being serene



Words are syllables – put together
Heavy as lead – or light as feather
Words will make you – laugh or cry
Can be to the point or- just meant to imply
If sown on fertile ear – can flourish and grow
Or be wasted on barren mind- to die slow
To question a poem – is to question thyself
Not the words or the poem not a gnome nor an elf