I want you to know
I already made – this promise to you,
I will be there for you, always
In good or in bad days,
When you are sad – I will wipe away your tears,
When you are afraid -I will toss away your fears,
When love is all you need – My love to you is always there,
When you are vulnerable – For you I will care,
When you need a shoulder – I’ll be your rock
Else – I’m just another Schmuck


All I have to bring is me
My heart, soul and love to you,
It is all I have to bring to thee,
My memories past and future
My was – and what is to be,
All of that I bring with me
to share with thee,
What I was is now yours,
What we will be is up to you

The Road Ahead

Would it be too much to ask of you
To walk with me the road ahead?
Would it be too much to ask of you
To give me your hand?
and hand in hand we’ll walk
exploring the road ahead,
enjoying the moment of discovery,
together uncovering the beauty of life.
would it be too much to ask of you
to put your trust in me?
to find comfort in my arms,
to lose yourself in me?
would it be too much to ask of you
to laugh with me, with your ringing laughter
the kind that bursts out real and free?
would it be too much to ask of you
to cry with me, when you feel the pain
and trust in me to share it with you?
would it be too much to ask of you
to just love me with your whole being
as I love you?
Would it be too much to ask of you
To enjoy the gift of life and its wonders?
To share with me its mysteries
and the joy of discovery
for we have such rare endowment,,,
– true love


You are so perfect
The perfect woman for me
You are so perfectly perfect
It’s amazing to see,
And between your perfection
And mine
We are just perfectly divine,
And thus we shall perfectly pursue
the perfect marriage
making sure we don’t screw
or this time we are really screwed deep,
for perfection has its weakness
it always has to be perfect
or it loses its uniqueness,
then we end up with
the imperfect perfection
which is basically
perfectly imperfect,
so bottom line my love
we are either:
imperfectly perfect
or perfectly imperfect
either way we are perfect
and this made perfect sense
I am sure you will perfectly agree
As you can perfectly see,
So just keep loving me perfectly
In your imperfect loving way
Until you are imperfectly but
Perfectly frustrated and bored
and then, imperfection !


So you are trying – to make some sense
And you talk with – such confidence
Of love and of lessons – and what lies ahead
But now after all was done – and definitely been said
The fact remains – we are both left empty handed
You over there – me over here – yet both are stranded
No winners, only losers
And as the years pass us by – and we are wrinkled and old
Let us not look back – and feel – we were both undersold
Because big words may sound – so impressive and bold
But are meaningless when your back aches – and your bones are cold


I am tired- exhausted, drained and weary
I walk the walk; talk the talk- bleary
My nights, white nights – spent lying in bed awake
Worried, wired, for what purpose – whose sake?
Does it help – by the day’s end?
That awake -my nights are spent.
Do thoughts of grandeur – play in my head?
Or is it fear- thinking of my daily bread?
Let me strike a deal – sign an agreement
I do not give in -until complete fulfilment
Repeat after me
– and it will be
“You are bright, talented – able
If you want – you could become a fable
So cheer up – chop, chop
You can make it- to the top”
I am here – shoulder strong
I have yet to sing – my swan song
These old bones will yet arise
To everyone’s amazing surprise

Coffee or Tea

So the coffee – was instant
But this is – consistent
In this place where the – cold rules
What was important – I think
Is that we had – a drink
I could see you – and feel your hand
After thirty years, maybe you will understand
That being with you – is so grand
And it makes my whole – expand
My heart aches for – you
The coffee maybe instant – or brew
But you will always -be to me
My greatest, most wonderful – cup of tea