Lou Reed

This week Lou Reed has gone,
Commercially he never really won,
“Walk on the wild side” was the only one,
Although to me the best was –
 “Perfect Day” Bar-None,
Simple song nothing complicated,
Maybe this is why it feels elated,
So have yourself a perfect day,
On the wild side,

Sweeny Todd

I saw a barbershop-
Named Sweeny Todd,
It seems that for a barbershop-
This was very odd,
At the zoo the largest smile,
Is on the face of the crocodile,
He too is by the people for the people,
Only wishing you well,
Everyone cares just for you, unselfish like,
For when you have no balls you have strike,

Liam’s First Word

My grandson Liam started to talk,
So now he talks the talk and walks the walk,
I went to visit to see and hear the young man,
Wanted to see what was his game plan,
As I walked in, towards me with open arms he ran,
Hugging me just as strong as one can,
And then my grandson said to me- his granddad,
His first word what a delight – it was “IPAD”

James Taylor

James Taylor, he has friends,
Someone he relies on and depends,
I used to call out your name from the dark,
So you brighten up my day with a spark,
But you never came running to see me again,
It must have been too much of a strain,
 Winter spring summer or fall, people can be cold,
When I called your name aloud, you put me on hold,
James Taylor my dear friend wherever you are,
You came running it’s good to know, but you are far.


You do not really understand me,
You never truly did, you will agree,
We can pretend and make believe,
But neither can claim to be naïve,
It is not your fault truth be said,
You are deep – way over your head,
No one really understood, just my luck,
There I was your private sitting duck,
So I shall light a cigar have a drink,
Life now is good and I am in synch,

The Rhinophant and the Lionaffe

Today I took my rhinophant out of the cage,
Together with the lionaffe I put him on the stage,
Dance I ordered them go on raise your toes,
Stop being lazy and wipe your dripping nose,
Lately you have been acting very strange said I,
Remember you are a respected fishimal not a fungi,
Act your age put on your pants and your pony hat,
You can’t spend your days lying on the door mat,
Get into the shower wash up you smell like pigkeen,
You are so dirty I can’t see your bluish pinkish skin,
Put on a clean set of clothes a nice shirt and a barphon,
As of today no more dinner before the trombone,

Deaf Ears

I see people walking the street,
Walking to their own inner beat,
With ear plugs buried into their ears,
Obviously entranced in faraway spheres,
Walking unaware of the going and coming,
Their eyes fixed in their head humming,
I just look waiting to see when next one fall,
One will walk into a car or a standing wall,
Strolling deaf to the world can be very wrong,
Walking with ear plugs maybe your swan song,

Shut, Close, Plug

Sometimes I shut my eyes –
Just listen to the sounds,
See if I can hear your voice –
Amongst the city’s crowds,
At times, I close my ears to all the sounds,
This way I cannot hear –
 The laughter of the clowns,
I plug my nose quiet often too –
That way I really have no clue,
Where I am or whom I am with?
Having a honey crisp or a simple granny smith,
Ignorance is a bliss they say –
So close and shut and plug-
Life will be a child’s play

Your Mother had no children

It must have been tough on your mama,
Not having any living children, what a drama,
Because it is quite obvious to the naked eye,
You are not a living being, god knows why,
You are a politician, a senator a congressman,
Whether you are a democrat or a republican,
You are a self-serving creature, a parasite,
Pretending to do what is honest and right,
Kissing children when it is election time,
After election back to being your usual slime,
If your mama only knew what you will become,
She would have traded you for a piece of gum,


I have an imaginative dog, Julius,
He is a nice dog as big as a moose,
I chose him over many alternatives,
In order to scare away potential thieves,
He does not eat or drink, no worms either,
More important no poop or pee neither,
I do take Julius for his daily walk,
In the evening around the block,
I like Julius he is well behaved,
In the summer, I had his hair shaved,
Unfortunately since the summer alas,
His hair has not grown back on his ass,


In spring, I planted some plants,
Protected it from flies and from ants,
Watched it grow turn greener each day,
Making sure it is well, not gone astray,
Then came summer and the plant was strong,
Its leaves even greener its stem firm and long,
Flowers and seeds have started to show,
Multiplying by the day yet growing slow,
As the days became shorter and cooler,
The green became weaker, leaves less fuller,
In the autumn chill, the leaves have shrivelled,
Reddish and yellow stains, edges wrinkled,
Flowers have fallen off, proud stem bowed,
Winter soon here snow and ice, white shroud,
Some will wake up to next summer’s warm rays,
Others gone for good numbered were their days,


Well, what do you know I made it to sixty,
 With the good the bad and the ugly,
Today I am winding six decades of life,
In peace time and in war and strife,
I was an infant, a baby, a child, a teenager,
 An adult (not really), nothing really major,
I was a son, a father, a brother,
 A husband, and as of late a grandfather,
I laughed and cried, I saw sixty summers,
Sixty winters, sixty springs and sixty autumns,
 I wonder what the future holds for me – Lechaiim!
Life is overrated it ain’t worth a dime


This week I shall be sixty years old,
Yet am in great shape I can’t see any mould,
A decision I made long ago and now re-vowed,
I shall not grow up get my head out of the cloud,
I shall never stop dreaming never cease to hope,
Call me naïve call me stupid or even name me a dope,
A dreamer I shall remain until my time comes to say adieu,
If you only knew, you would be a dreamer too,

Yom Kippur

On Yom Kippur I had a talk with God,
I know you must think this sounds very odd,
I said to the gentleman hello and god bless,
Look around; you have been making quiet a mess,
There is hunger in the world and pain and suffering,
And you sir are doing nothing, solutions you don’t bring,
You take for granted billions of prayers as a daily routine,
Maybe you should get off alcohol and get on the caffeine,
This year kids were gassed again, it’s a rerun of the eighties,
Not too far from where it all started – “The Euphrates”,
So shape up mister we are getting fed up down here,
Move your behind do something or we kick you in the rear,


Spiders have problematic knees,
They have eight, two more than the bees,
This is nothing if we consider their eyes,
Those are much more complicated than the flies,
It seems animals do have more parts than humans do,
I personally checked each one at the zoo,
They have four, eight, or even a hundred feet,
While humans have barely two, if the set is complete,
This makes me think are we really so superior,
Almost every life form makes us look inferior,
The only creatures that have less limbs than us,
Are the worms, the snails and the snake in the grass,

Something at the End

There is a light at the end of the tunnel,
There are fish swimming in the runnel,
There is a dog at the end of my chain,
There is an engine at the head of the train,
There is a steak on top of the barbecue,
There are zebras in our local Toronto zoo,
There is a Cuban cigar at the end of dinner,
And JFK thought he was “Ein Berliner”,
Now Obama thinks being a white house resident,
Actually does make him a real president,

King Solomon

I heard a story about Solomon the king,
Son to Bathsheba and David with the sling,
Apparently when he was younger just a kid,
He was trouble did things his dad forbid,
He would play in all the dangerous games,
You will not read that in the bible of King James,
He would fight, curse, and do nasty deeds,
Will eat plums and throw away the pits,
He was ruthless uncontrolled he was bad,
His deeds were told – from Jaffa to Riyadh,
Yes, Solomon became known – around town,
Not as Pacific or Atlantic but wild Solomon,

Survival of the Fittest

Survival of the fittest been around,
Since a house cat weighted 14,000 pound,
It has been that long, since dinosaur times,
We refer to it as the strongest sometimes,
It is unclear who is the fittest in fact,
Who will survive and who will crumble under impact?
You see- T.rex has disappeared, crocodiles remained,
This phenomena – cannot easily be explained,
Why one exists, while the other disintegrates,
One walks while the other uses ice skates,
We have no way to know until it is too late,
To be safe I shall use my neighbour as bait,