It seems in Canada if you are a kidnapper,

A rapist, a murderer, (all before supper),

You do not pay the price for your crime,

Let’s face it, society is lucky if they do any time,

Our crime rate has gone up; the city is the shit,

No accountability, our politicians will never admit,

Time for some serious change, we need a cleanup job,

Pity, I still remember when Toronto was top,


Developed Senses

She says she is happy she has it all,

Life is great and she is having a ball,

She eats and she drinks all is working well,

She can taste, and see, and hear even smell,

That unfortunately is not always good news,

Especially when her boyfriend takes off his shoes,

He although a nice man life with him is a breeze,

Certain parts of him smell like Limburger Cheese,


Pablo Casals

When Pablo Casals was only ninety-three,

Still the world best cello player, always on key.

He was asked, why at 93 he still practices every day,

At least for three hours he will sit train and play,

Well, said Casals, with his usual humble disposition,

I must confess, I am guilty by my own admission,

Playing the Elgar cello concerto, on the first movement,

I have noticed, that I did show a slight improvement,



Trump is afraid of nothing

I shall fight North Korea, humiliate Iran,

Will strangle Moscow, and dwarf Japan,

Bring Canada to its knees and Cuba to shame,

Make the democrats take the full blame,

I am the president and I can do what I want,

I don’t give a hoot about “Perestroika” and “Détente”,

When I go to France to celebrate 100 to the war’s end,

It was raining so I stayed indoors instead,


Let us move the Calendar

 Tonight we are changing the clock,
For the next week I will feel like a schmuck,
Was I? Or am I still to be, I’m so woozy,
Not as if I have a say, can’t be choosy,
Must change clock on oven, alarms, microwave,
Watches, coffee machine, blender, an early grave,
Time to stop the changes, enough I say,
I think I’ll change November, make it May,