I had grapefruit for breakfast and orange for lunch,

Accompanied by almonds, pistachios and walnuts to crunch,

A bit of triple cream brie and Stilton on an English muffin,

It was all that one needs, to be put in a fancy coffin,

A tall glass of pink champagne, followed by Espresso,

Two homemade biscotti made with that special dough,

What else does a man need when spring has sprang?

When the world around goes up in smoke and a big bang,

Wake me up when it’s all over the fake news and stupidity,

This world is obsessed with religious related morbidity,





Only of himself did he have good words,
None for others, (all considered nerds),
His battles were won or lost only by him,
Bottom line, life looked very dim and grim,
Yet he did not mind, as he was on Facebook,
Instagram and LinkedIn too, a regular schnook,
As everyone knows, if online you have a profile,
You can be a philosopher, a CEO or a pedophile,
No one knows the truth everything is fake,
Even a cheesecake can made to look like a steak,

No Cheeks

On December 14 2018, I had the Whipple Procedure,
It means from the small intestine gone are a couple of meters,
Out went my gallbladder and 10% of my stomach too,
A third of my pancreas – and what was left –
Was put together and reconnected with stitches and glue,
Ampulla of Vater carcinoma was the ruling,
Aha, said I, I sure know how to pick them, no fooling,
So now, with a long scary scar I relearn to live again,
I asked my surgeon. – “can I buy green bananas?
start reading a long novel? Maybe a Mark Twain?”
I can start writing a book: “Losing 30 pounds in 3 weeks”,
Bottom line my bottom has no cheeks.


It seems in Canada if you are a kidnapper,

A rapist, a murderer, (all before supper),

You do not pay the price for your crime,

Let’s face it, society is lucky if they do any time,

Our crime rate has gone up; the city is the shit,

No accountability, our politicians will never admit,

Time for some serious change, we need a cleanup job,

Pity, I still remember when Toronto was top,


Developed Senses

She says she is happy she has it all,

Life is great and she is having a ball,

She eats and she drinks all is working well,

She can taste, and see, and hear even smell,

That unfortunately is not always good news,

Especially when her boyfriend takes off his shoes,

He although a nice man life with him is a breeze,

Certain parts of him smell like Limburger Cheese,


Pablo Casals

When Pablo Casals was only ninety-three,

Still the world best cello player, always on key.

He was asked, why at 93 he still practices every day,

At least for three hours he will sit train and play,

Well, said Casals, with his usual humble disposition,

I must confess, I am guilty by my own admission,

Playing the Elgar cello concerto, on the first movement,

I have noticed, that I did show a slight improvement,



Trump is afraid of nothing

I shall fight North Korea, humiliate Iran,

Will strangle Moscow, and dwarf Japan,

Bring Canada to its knees and Cuba to shame,

Make the democrats take the full blame,

I am the president and I can do what I want,

I don’t give a hoot about “Perestroika” and “Détente”,

When I go to France to celebrate 100 to the war’s end,

It was raining so I stayed indoors instead,