Trump is afraid of nothing

I shall fight North Korea, humiliate Iran,

Will strangle Moscow, and dwarf Japan,

Bring Canada to its knees and Cuba to shame,

Make the democrats take the full blame,

I am the president and I can do what I want,

I don’t give a hoot about “Perestroika” and “Détente”,

When I go to France to celebrate 100 to the war’s end,

It was raining so I stayed indoors instead,



Let us move the Calendar

 Tonight we are changing the clock,
For the next week I will feel like a schmuck,
Was I? Or am I still to be, I’m so woozy,
Not as if I have a say, can’t be choosy,
Must change clock on oven, alarms, microwave,
Watches, coffee machine, blender, an early grave,
Time to stop the changes, enough I say,
I think I’ll change November, make it May,


A Good Deed Indeed

When you do a good deed indeed,

It is like planting a good will seed,

That will spread, grow, and multiply,

As good as mother’s good old apple pie,

It will ripple, bubble, trickle, and fly,

Up and away into the never ending sky,

Where all good deeds await their turn,

Something we all desperately need to learn,



I like to look through the telescope lens,

From the other side, (I know it makes no sense),

This way I take a huge issue, and with a twist,

I render it small – in a word, I have it dismissed,

So follow my way, do as I do, take my word,

Turning a big issue to small, has its reward,

Always be carrying a telescope in your pocket,

Or keep it permanently glued to your eye socket,


A Winter’s Tale

A parable befitting the end of summer,

The raindrops, clouds, sound of thunder,

Short, concise, just arrived, already gone,

As at end of night, comes a brief dawn,

Now comes old biting winter, cold awaits,

Replacing the bathing suit with skates,

Gone is summer too short a yarn too frail,

The beginning of a Winter’s Tale,


Who is to blame?

There is a lot going on with abuse and mistreat,

In Hollywood, in church, the Olympics or the street,

He blames her; she blames him, who is at fault?

Was it truly consensual or a brutal sexual assault?

My advice to you, for future reference,

Based on the past, it shall make a difference,

If you are going to claim, you were a victim of rape,

Make sure you get it all on high quality tape,


Operatic soup

Listening to music on “You Tube”,
It’s cold I am having chicken soup,
I never knew chickens were operatic,
Opera with chicken soup is traumatic,
Turandot was all choked up, poor soul,
Obvious bad reaction to the matzo ball,
Have to adjust the food to the music I hear,
Or, risk that operatic music will disappear,