There has to be logic to movie names,
To name it right you need not have brains,
Just make it sound smart and marketable,
Whether it is at the Cinimaplex or on cable,
Let it make sense and mean something true,
After all, it is done all just for people like you,
I saw today: Batman Returns, Superman Returns,
I did not even know they were gone, one learns,

Freezing Spring

Spring has sprung just two days ago,
Temperature tonight is minus twenty-two,
Is there something wrong with this scenario?,
In the city of Toronto north of lake Ontario,
Is the earth warming are we going to sweat,
If I were you, I would not make that bet,
April is here in a couple of days maybe a week,
We are still with ice, all over two inches thick,
Next year just to be sure and safe in January,
We shall spend the month in the South of Italy,

“His Master”

There was a line-up of dogs to the tree,
It was Apparent – they all wanted to pee,
Dogs been often called: “Men’s best friend”,
But, it is men that after their dogs bend,
I have yet to see my dog picking after me,
With a plastic-bag after number two or a wee,
All day lying licking his treasured possessions,
With a smile and joyful facial expressions,
And why not, all he does is eat and poop,
“His Master” will end the one to scoop,

War in the Kitchen

There was a war today in the kitchen,
This time it was not the beef and the chicken,
A tragic mistake had occurred just before dinner,
When a mixed up chef probably a beginner,
Tried to outsmart the menu A La Carte,
As it turned out it was not very smart,
To serve on the same plate side by side,
A pasta dish with the anti-pasta right beside,

A Wild Dragon

I am a huge dragon I soar and I fly,
I spit fire as I dive high from the sky,
I am covered with scales all over my skin,
Although my toe nails I keep polished green,
For years people search for me they cannot resist,
They think dragons like me do not really exist,
I have a reputation I must guard and protect,
So that I keep scaring people and have respect,
They will not respect me was I not a barbarian,
Or if they find out – I am really a vegetarian,