Happy Birthday

As my oldest son turns another year,
We met and had a beer for good cheer,
I wished him to keep on the straight and narrow,
Keep ploughing hard straight as an arrow,
I said to him – always do what you like – my son,
Then you will always like what you do or done,
There will always be light at the end of the tunnel,
Things will flow smoothly through the funnel,
Make the rules to the game make them your rules,
There are too many out there that are fools,
Don’t be afraid to try and stand for your beliefs,
There are no Indians here only big chiefs,

August BBQ

BBQ in August is the way to go,
We start by preparing salads like coleslaw,
We need some appetizers like a chorizo sausage,
No vegetarians in here – you got the message,
Then of course the inevitable chicken wings,
That may be accompanied, by some onion rings,
Later we add a few fine chicken liver pieces,
Those eventually make your cholesterol increases,
As you establish a nice base in your tummy,
With these preliminary appetizers, yummy,
Comes time for the real heavy protein train,
Something that will really clot your vein,
The juicy heavily marbled T-bone or ribs,
That makes your heart and soul loudly sings,
Followed by some fruit and a slice of a pie,
You see the word diet begins with DIE,

Teach to Do

It has been said, a long time ago by sages,
You can leaf through it in the history pages
Those who can, do, those who can’t, teach,
What a saying, such a pleasure, it’s a peach,
I had a teacher that could not teach, true,
But if I recall correctly neither could she do,
So if she could not do and could not teach,
She should have gone into politics and make her pitch,
It seems politicians can’t do, nor teach nor lead,
From no good, politicians thou shall breed,

Dog for a Lion

In China, they put a dog in a cage,
To pretend being a lion on the zoo’s stage,
Using the same token I can think of much more
So I substituted a big cat for a small wild boar,
Replaced the tall gorilla with a short calf,
Exchanged a rabbit for the giraffe,
Replaced a chicken for a red mule,
My shoe replaced a crocodile in the pool,
This is life in its entire glory dude
We aim for the top and we get screwed


They built a boat where there is no sea,
They made teatime where there is no tea,
They printed books where no one can read,
They created a nation that no one can lead,
They were born with eyes but no one can see,
They built in the desert slalom for downhill ski,
When you are raped, it is because you agree,
Such is the law in a middle-eastern democracy,
I looked in the dictionary it is under hypocrisy,

Mercedes Sosa

I listened to Mercedes Sosa; it’s been a while,
 Listening to her bring a sweet sour smile,
I heard her sing “Gracias A La Vida”, in Spanish,
“Thank You for the life” in everyday English,
Last time I heard it I was young and naïve,
I was idealist, trusting, easy to believe,
Since then I have grown old, had my awakening,
Am a cynic, sarcastic, no longer in my spring,
Still listening to Sosa, I want to thank life,
That has given me so much amongst the strife,
Thank you life for giving me parents to remember,
Thank you life for January to December,
Thank you for giving me my children to be proud,
Thank you for the sunshine and for a stormy cloud,
Thank you for giving me the eyes to see the world,
Thank you for the nose, ears, and mouth to be heard,
Thank you for the grand children that I love so much,
Thank you for giving me hands to love and touch,
Thank you for the ability to ear birds sing,
Thank you for winter, summer autumn and spring,
Thank you for what was and what is yet to be,
Thank you for letting me be just me,

Going Down The Drain

What is going on with the U.S. of A.,
We see a country that has lost its way,
We see Obama plays golf having fun,
While in Cairo, hundreds are over-run,
Yesterday he played basketball with a friend,
While in Bagdad, hundreds met their end,
Something is wrong with such a scenario,
Even from a far city like Toronto Ontario,
The U.S. of A. has lost its leadership, gone,
Sliding down, fast, into insignificant oblivion,