I have noticed that most movies I like,
Have actors that already took a hike,
Movies from the 30’s, 40’s and fifties,
Not many survivors from these years,
You see them the young and handsome,
Singing dancing and held up for ransom,
Now most have no idea who they were,
Tracy, Power, Davis, Loy and Cooper,
You see them on TCM in Black & White,
With old techniques bad audio lousy light,
But a movie was an experience unlike today,
When all you see is flat, nothing will stay,
Dialogue was deep and had something to say,
Today all we can do is look up and pray,

Jewish Sushi

Let me introduce you to the Jewish sushi,
Just as good, as old, and just as fishy,
It was eaten over the years by the barrel,
By all from Western Europe to the Ural,
At breakfast lunch dinner and in temple,
On weekdays the Sabbath, it was a symbol,
Eaten smoked or pickled on a plate with onion,
With or without sour cream a matter of opinion,
What name is there to that fish I am wondering?
We call that amazing delicacy the amazing Herring,

Growing Up

When you were just a baby, we watched every move,
Making sure you breathe, every mosquito to remove,
Spending nights awake worried when you were sick,
Listening to every sound you made, heard every squeak,
We helped you take your first step overjoyed,
Your first word your first sentence we enjoyed,
Sleepless nights when you had fever or a cough,
Everything we did always seemed was not enough,
Your first time on the tricycle first time in the pool,
Swimming for the first time, first toilet spool,
First day at the kindergarten first day in school,
First time parents night to hear you were a tool,
Now that we are older, much older, one may say,
Late afternoon of our lives, it is later in the day,
Not sure we did right, could we have done better,
At this stage who knows? Does it really matter?

Temple and Caesar

In the last 24 hours, we lost two,
Shirley Temple and Sid Caesar too,
Both in his/her own way made us happy,
In laughter, dance, humour sharp and snappy,
Shirley as a child dancing with Bill Bojangles,
Caesar with Reiner Brooks and Coca show of shows,
They were TV, were our weekly living room guests,
It was the show of shows as their name suggests,

Syrian Apocalypse 2014

Almost 150,000 have been killed in Syria,
By gas, starvation, bombs, torture, bacteria,
The world watches in silence nothing learned,
Our “leaders” turn an eye, dark ages returned,
I can’t hear Roger Waters can you hear him now,
He must be on the dark side of the moon and how,
That amazing sense of right or wrong is gone,
Seems it takes years for Waters to catch on,
These thousands of little Syrian kids don’t count,
In hell you’ll be made to pay the full account,

I won Again

I confess it is about time I think,
I played a trick on the computer; I stink,
We were playing chess as we usually do,
We make it a habit to talk and play too,
I with the whites, computer with the blacks,
You can really push your computer to the max,
Computer and I have been playing for years,
Over the game board, we shared many beers,
I would like you to know that I always win,
When it does not look, I steal its queen,

My Igloo

Today I have built a big round igloo,
Why build an igloo you ask-what’s the issue,
Well today, we have snow coming out of our ears,
Such snow we had not enjoyed for so many years,
It comes down in sheets and walls you cannot see,
All is hiding behind this white mess believe you me,
So why fight it says I, just build an igloo to stay in,
It takes an hour and your real estate is a real inn,
Your ice hotel, your cold tavern, your frozen bar,
In the igloo, you are the king you are the tsar,
No mortgage, no loans and no property tax,
No blackouts either I use candles made of wax,