My Dog’s Poem

My dog wrote a poem-
That I did not understand,
It must have been good-
As all the other dogs listened in,
It had to be a funny poem-
As most of the dogs seemed elated,
I am glad for my dog being so respected-
Apparently, his ego now be more inflated,
My dog’s poetry is a source of joy and delight,
As his bark is always worse than his bite,

There Was An Old Lady

There is a 65-year-old German teacher,
It does seem she is one strange creature,
She is expecting her thirteenth delivery,
With a bundle of four babies to make history,
She already has 13 children and 7 grandchildren,
Just as well could be a thousand or a million,
She seems to like to be a mother at late age,
Mothering attracts her at this advanced stage,
I do admit that I am very much intrigued,
If the old woman has plans to breast feed,

Friends on Facebook

I got a friend request from Facebook last week,
The weather was still awful very dark and bleak,
It was an official request just like all before,
You know the type that says open the damn door,
Yet there was something special about this request,
Most are very simple and come from friends at best,
This one was different came from someone I know not,
It has made me rethink and have a second thought,
The request came from a very lonely entity it was odd,
This was an official request to make friends with God,