Thirty Celsius

It is hot, thirty Celsius in the shade,
You want to jump in the ocean and bathe,
The sun just sits there frying you brains,
At least what little of it that remains,
Everywhere I look seems to be vaporizing,
With thirty Celsius, it is not surprising,
For breakfast I fried the eggs in the sun,
Made a couple of sausages and toasted a bun,
Then boiled the water for my cup of tea,
Sipping it slowly sitting under the tree,
It is so hot today I saw a desperate crazed fly,
Jumping off the balcony, he wanted to die,

True Mentor

A true mentor will point you where to look,
Yet will not tell you what you seek to hook,
He will leave you to discover fresh and anew,
Let you be the pioneer the finder of the clue,
Discoveries are not made by copy and imitation,
But by daring and boldness venture and initiation,
Breaking new grounds needs guts and nerve,
They are the ones that will truly deserve,
In history will make their mark as vanguards,
Remembered for eternity as brave hearts,


I am at the stage that I forget,
I find myself panicky and in cold sweat,
What was it I was supposed to do just now?
Cut the holy tree or milk the sacred cow,
I find that I remember that I forgot something,
Therefore, I started to make notes writing and taping,
Then alas – I forgot to look up my notes – again,
It feels funny and worrying am I losing my brain.
My short-term memory is all gone – indeed,
My long-term memory like new up to speed,
I can remember things in detail fifty years old,
But forgetful of words just now been told,
Thus, every morning I wake up fresh as new,
When I brush my teeth, it feels like déjà vu,


We are now into the start of a revolution,
We can use it to find for everything a solution,
It is called; the “Big Data” and it really works,
All you need is a computer instead of a million clerks,
Google used it to find out the development of the flu,
But we can use it to find out why where when and who,
We can find out almost anything in real-time,
Even the distribution of change from quarter to dime,
So now I will be checking out what is being served,
In the local restaurants desserts shall be observed,
I shall use the new technology to figure out as well
How many burgers per day McDonald’s can sell

Are You Being Served?

Once I visited the land of the shrimps,
They have many legs, still I saw one that limps,
I saw a few oysters that were visiting,
A couple of squids that in the sun were tanning,
A herd of sea horses were dashing across,
One was trotting ahead obviously the boss,
A starfish was taking a walk in midday,
He was surefooted he surely knew his way,
The transparent jellyfish looked anything but gel,
Moving slower than the busy looking snail,
The scallops seemed they had an attitude issue,
With the eels that were lacking in virtue,
Only the lobster sitting next to the octopus,
Knew not he was going to be served with the humus,

Self Destruct

Aesop wrote many years ago,
Stories I remember and know,
One that I like today too,
About frog, scorpion with a moral so true,
Scorpion asked frog to take him across,
To which frog replied – scorpion up your nose,
If I take you across the river, you will sting me for sure,
To a scorpion’s sting, I will have no cure,
If I kill you my dear frog I shall drown with you,
It makes no sense to say to my life adieu,
So the frog took the scorpion across the river,
In midstream the scorpion stung the frog in the liver,
As he was dying the frog asked why you will die too,
Are you crazy have you no sense and no clue,
I cannot help it said the scorpion to the frog,
It is in my nature like a mad dog,
So do people will destroy and self destruct,
If not for me no one will have, they deduct,


I saw somewhere – someone wrote this:
In bed, you close your eyes for 5 minutes at the AM 06:00,
You wake up two hours later – to work you are late,
At work it’s 1:00 PM you close your eyes for 5 my friend,
You wake up it is 1:01 the clock seems stuck,
And you my dear friend are just out of luck,
So I thought to myself – out of luck indeed,
Have you ever been in the car and sleep you need?
So you close your eyes for just a tiny wink
Only to wake up 4 years later- from an IV you drink,