What Color Are You?

My friend Randy, is black,
My white friend name is Jack
My brown friend name is Fred,
And my friend Jane is red,
Lee my yellow friend is from China,
And brown Managie is from Ghana,
My green friend Boo is from Saturn,
My purple friend Balloo is from Nebula Pun,
Chipopo is purple, from Ursae Minoris,
And John is simply from Indianapolis,
My blue friend Tapoo is cheerful,
Even though he is blue (now I think doubtful),
But one thing is for sure, you should know,
Take your time; just go with the flow,
We will never allow, this pink polka dot boy in
(Who does he think he is, with that color skin?)

Who Is On Second?

It isn’t always recommended,
To be the first in line, granted,
Not if you check the facts historically,
I can say that quiet categorically,
I can think of many examples,
And will give you a few samples,
So that you will also see the bitter truth,
We are being misinformed! since our youth,
Example one, with your permission,
(I do make deductions due to superstition)
How many a person walked into an elevator
Going thru the open door
Only to find there is no car,
Flying thru the shaft, and landing very far,
Yet the one behind unhurt,
Not even a stain on his shirt,
What about the mechanical mouse trap?
The first mouse going for the cheese, is slapped
The second mouse in line, avoids the toils
Because he was second, he enjoys the spoils
How many sat to the table, being the first biter,
Only to discover they are biting into a nightmare,
The second in line avoids the disaster,
Not being first but being the latter
So remember please, be kind and patient,
Take your time, you may prevent an event

What Do You Want To Be?

Jonathan wants to be a firefighter,
Sarah wants to be a writer,
Jacob wants to be a cook,
Jimmy is already a crook,
Daphne wants to be a dancer,
Zoe wants to be a prankster,
Walter does not know what he wants,
Although his mother says, he will always remain a klutz
Robert wants to be a detective,
Joanna wants to keep things in perspective,
Steve wants to be a rock singer,
Brad wants to be a Maple Leaf right-winger,
And what do I want to be?
Well, I just want to be me.

The Story of Jerry Morse

This is the story of Jerry Morse,
That had a face that looked like a horse,
He had a normal life, most of the time
A face like a horse, is not really a crime
But, one day he went to the races,
A funny place to be, for people with horse like faces,
As he was standing in line, to get his ticket
That long line, in front of the wicket
A jockey appeared, and on his back threw a saddle,
This fit him well, should he astraddle
As he was led to the track, by the jockey
He knew he was very lucky,
Although it is absurd, to have a horse like face,
Jerry Morse, came in third place

The Brute

I remember when I was going to school
Many years ago, (even then it was the rule),
And in my school – there was a boy,
A very brute he was, his name was Roy,
This boy named Roy, loved to eat fruit,
Grapes, apples, and sugar cane root
He also loved to eat coleslaw, and radish
Well, he would shovel and eat any rubbish,
Then he would be going to the playground
Where he would be running around
So he ran on the grounds and on the grass
When he stopped, it was because he ran out of gas

Taking a Bath

Parents can be really nagging
Always complaining always grumbling,
It is time to go to bed- go and shower!
You played all day; you don’t smell like a flower,
In fact- you are covered all over, with dirt,
You played with the dog; you tore up your shirt,
Look under your nails, they are black with soil,
To clean you up we will need to boil you in oil,
Oh this kid, is a garbage collector,
To clean her up, we will need to disinfect her
You can’t see skin under the mess
We will need to chisel away her dress
This morning this dress was pink
You have only one sock. boy does it stink,
Come on jump into the shower
To get all the dirt off,
You are under the water for at least an hour


Everyone wants me to eat healthy food
Be it cooked, steamed, grilled or stewed,
It is a conspiracy, by all and each family member,
Ever since I was born, ever since I can remember,
Eat this; eat that, it is good for you,
Eat it all; do not forget to chew,
Eat the chicken, finish the beef,
Do you know how many live on UN relief?
Do you know how many children around the globe,
To have what you have, will pay a sack of gold,
So I asked mommy to donate all my food
To the poor and unfortunate kids in the world,
I also made it a point to give away especially
All the quality foods, the very nourishing and healthy,
Give away all my chicken, the spinach and beef
To supplement the UN relief

Bubble Gum

I got myself a huge pile of bubble gum,
That I have collected; can you ask me how come?
I will tell you my secret plan,
I am going to chew on the gum,
Stuff my mouth with as much as I can,
This is serious; it is not just for fun,
Once I have my mouth, full to capacity
(You can count on my tenacity)
I will start puffing into the gum,
Until as big as a house, it will become,
It will be the world’s biggest balloon,
Even bigger than the moon,
Then I will be able to fly
Up, up and away, up to the sky,
All the other kids in school,
Will know that I am very cool,
They will ask, with me to come
The cost will be, a new pack of gum

Things I love to Eat

I love to eat Chocolate,
And candies are great,
I love to eat pizza,
And ice-cream I don’t hate,
Strawberries are fun
So is jam on a bun
French toast with Nutella
Makes me a happy fella
Lots of Peanut butter,
Makes my heart flutter,
Cookies with honey,
Is right on the money,
But best of the bunch,
Is Captain Crunch,
That I love to munch,
Breakfast, dinner and lunch

The Fox and the Vinyard

On the king’s road, the sneaky fox was walking,
Ribs sticking out, stomach empty, to himself he is talking,
His tongue hanging out, he is hungry and thirsty,
Our fox looks very bad, somewhat nerdy,
All of a sudden before him he sees,
A beautiful vineyard, with grapes, very juicy (without seeds).
There were, green ones, purple ones, some were rosy in colour
Just waiting to be picked, (they looked worthy of every dollar)
The fox’s heart missed a beat, (he got so excited),
He was imagining himself, full with grapes and delighted,
However, the vineyard, is surrounded, by a thick and thorny fence,
And the fence looks ominous, and is very dense,
Around the thick fence, the fox walks, looking for a hole,
Big enough for him, to get inside, should he crawl,
And behold, there it was, hole big enough to squeeze in,
(If only such a hole existed, in the wall in Berlin),
The fox breathed in, holding his tummy against his back,
And eventually managed to slide in-
There he was, all of him, blue and black.
Crazy with hunger and thirst, he jumped on the vines,
Tearing and reaping, what could be outstanding wines,
He ate, he swallowed and he gulped down, bunch after bunch
As if, he combined breakfast, supper and lunch,
As he was shoveling the grapes, forcing them down his throat,
His stomach growing bigger, like a balloon, he is a-bloat,
His tummy hangs down, all the way to the ground,
The juices are so plenty, they almost have him drowned,
(He did not even stop to take his supplements –
That he takes for a nervous stomach and other peculiar events),
At last, he had his fill, he was full to the rim,
Looking at him, you would not think he is slim,
Back to the hole in the fence, he was heading slowly,
To tell you the truth, he was feeling like stuffed ravioli,
At last, the hole he found, now all he needs,
Is to slide back out the narrow hole, amongst the weeds,
But alas, his tummy is now stuck in between,
The ground below and the fence above, already his face is turning green,
He wiggles and wags, and turning and rotating and spinning,
His whole body scratched and hurting, bruised, maimed and suffering,
And the poor fox, a thought crossed his mind,
He was wishing all this was already behind,
As he was waiting, for his stomach to diminish and shrink,
Unable to eat anything, and nothing to drink,
What good are the grapes – if you cannot eat your fill?
If you end up after, as you were before the meal,
The moral of the fable shows,
That we should not, eat with our eyes
What our stomach’s cannot, or it will be our demise


Our first cat was Brunhilda,
From a Wagnerian opera,
She was quiet a character, as cats go
She was the boss, and she let everyone know,
Her son was a beautiful Persian cat,
Cross-eyed, lazy, that thought he was a mat,
All day he used to lie in the sun,
His objective in life, was a permanent tan,
The only time he was awake,
Was when he checked to see – if I brought him his steak!
His name was Sparafuchile, from Verdi’s Rigoletto,
You will know it right away, if you read the libretto,
Both Brunhilda and Sparafuchile, were indifferent
To the opera world, music or content,
They were both, a great disappointment,
More than once, I showed them my discontent,
Yet because they had such good rapport,
With our dog, we could not really ask for more,
Then the third cat joined our growing tribe,
How, I have no words to describe,
Unlike the classical names of his predecessors,
His name was Gizmo, nothing like his ancestors,
Gizmo was a simple cat, alert and busy
He went and came when he wanted, was very easy,
He was white, with beautiful blue eyes,
Never asked for anything, was a blessing in disguise,
When we moved overseas, and Gizmo stayed behind,
He was offered a political position, which he declined
Last, I heard, about Gizmo, he started a new venture,
Building mousetraps, he always loved new adventure

The Secret System

Ever since, I became a granddad
A few years ago, and for that I am glad,
I have discovered, a few simple-truths,
Being successful, taking care of your youths,
There are certain procedures to follow,
Some of you may find this hard to swallow,
But whenever I tend to the tots,
And to the tots, I do tend lots,
I always carry milk, in a bottle or a cup,
Of course, this does make sense, and does add up,
I do carry the quenching white liquids
Whenever, I look after one of the kids
So, when the baby starts crying,
Immediately my system I am applying,
I pour the milk, right on the floor- I do not blink,
I do not even stop to think,
(Cause everyone knows)
You do not cry, over spilled milk

Fur, Hair and Scales

I looked around, to take a head count
Of most living things, just to keep account
However, let me check again, please let me see
So I do not err, I want only fair to be,
I am checking out what do creatures wear,
I want to know because I really care,
Well, here is the scientific study outcome,
Listen up , here is the sum,
Let us check, sea creatures have scales,
This does not include dolphins and whales,
They are mammals, like you and me,
Even though they live at sea,
Tuna and herring, they are covered with scales,
(We know, they have no fingernails)
Monkeys and apes have long hair,
So do hippies, Lady Gaga and Cher,
The Mink, Chinchilla, and the polar bear,
Are covered head to toe, with beautiful fur!
But most strange, is a fact little known
Has been a secret, since king David sat on the throne,
Although most grandpa’s- have no hair on their top rack
They are covered with fur, all over their back,
So next time when you go to visit the zoo,
Keep your eyes open, you may see one or two,
If you pay attention, if you are in luck
You may see a grandparent carrying a kid on his back

Right or Left

Today I was very angry with my mommy
She must think that I am a dummy
I am right handed always was
I do not know why, it is just because
So why when mommy gave me my drink
She served it with a left-hander cup, you think,
So to drink and hold on to the right handle
I had to walk to the other side of the table
Yesterday mommy must have thought I am a nerd
She put the right shoe on the left beside my bed
Lucky for me I saw that in time, this is absurd
I would have walked all day backward like big bird
What is it with parents?
Don’t they know how it goes?
If it was up to them, I will blow with my ear
And hear with my nose

The Hi-Techy Blacksmith

The daily drive on the four O ‘one
Wasting hours in the daily traffic jam
There are just too many cars around
Or too few roads leading downtown
In the good old days of horse and buggy (remember?)
You started your trip in May – arrived around November
However, it was stress free and easygoing,
So slow, you could watch the trees growing
You were born and died in the same town
News arrived years late and was posted by the crown
People woke up when the sun came up
And went to bed after their evening cup
There was no TV, radio or electricity
Any town with more than 3000 was a big city
A doctor was a person that put leeches on your neck
Horseshoe installer blacksmith was very hi-tech
So next time you are stuck in traffic for a while
Put things in proportion, enjoy life, smile,
Listen to the radio; put a CD in the player,
Enjoy life, or your life is not worth a prayer


I remember when my oldest son was about three,
Almost a man, yet still only just above my knee,
I would sit with him and his kindergarten friends,
Telling them stories with different surprising ends,
One of the stories these young minds loved to hear
Was of Pinocchio, the puppet and Geppetto, the puppeteer,
The carpenter father and his son (made of red cherry tree,)
The children loved this story, (you would too if you were three)
They loved to hear, that with every lie Pinocchio’s nose grew longer,
Extended, and lingering, even stronger,
Yet I never understood – Geppetto’s frame of mind,
He could have gotten rich without being unkind,
If he were smart, he would have Pinocchio always lie
That way he would have had an endless wood supply


Tonight I watched “Amadeus” again
A masterpiece by any measure, no need to explain
The acting of course was superb, by formidable stars
That got this movie eight well deserved Oscars,
Yet the acting in such a movie is only secondary
To the music divine, at times powerful, at times aerie,
Especially “Don Giovanni”, “the Magic Flute”
Makes one think, Mozart and the devil were in cahoots,
There is something beyond understanding
Can one achieve such perfection? Be so outstanding
Listening to the “Queen of the Night”, now there is a case
To justify the existence of the human race
At the end comes the most amazing piece
The “Requiem”
Then all just cease
Then all is at peace

Weather Control

I want you all to know
I myself found out about it just a little while ago
It seems I have total weather control
I do not take it lightly; this is a very responsible role
Controlling the weather with a snap of your fingers,
Leaves with you a sense of power, that stays and lingers,
No idea how I got these amazing powers,
Unbelievably, I decide on sun, snow or showers,
Actually, others found this about me first,
They would approach me and make a request,
One would ask – close the window it is cold outside,
By closing the window, I turned the weather tide,
Another would say, close the blinds the sun is too strong,
I know it is hard to believe, you think something is wrong,
However, it took me less than a minute, and the sun was gone,
One turn of the hand and the blind drawn,
I must be cautious not to abuse my powers,
I could start another flood with uncontrolled showers

How Many Feet?

How many legs does a crab have?
Count them eight, plus two claws that’s ten and a half
And a cockroach has how many?
I checked it has six and that is plenty,
The spider also has nothing to worry about
It has eight legs which is eight legs more than a trout
A centipede has an uneven number of feet
Just imagine it crossing the street
The cat, the horse and the dog each has four
Chicken has only two drumsticks but we wish it had more
Imagine a snail with only one foot
The poor thing is running around in a loop
Only the shoemaker feels foolish and cheated indeed,
He makes shoes for two legged humans and not for the millipede

One of Two

I looked under the bed
I looked under the tree and in the shed,
I looked in the yard and at school,
I even looked, deep into the pool,
Why is it that things that come in a pair-
End up missing, disappearing into thin air
I have one grey sock, and one pink
Three red ones, and one blue that stink,
One yellow sock that is not even mine, I think
I have one leather glove (leather does not shrink),
Two wool gloves, but both are left handed
The right ones are somewhere else, stranded,
There is one white running shoe without laces,
Three left shoes that I once used just for the races
I have one summer sandal and one winter boot
Walking like this, I look very cute,
Daddy says I am lucky my foot is connected to my toes
Mommy says I am lucky I only have one nose,
But me, I am just waiting for the moment I so dread
Both mom and dad say I will eventually lose my head

Declaring Independence

I think that Zoe and Emme – are fed up
Always are told, do this and do that,
It is always in the middle of a game
When mammy or daddy call out their name,
“Zoe and Emme it is time to eat”
“Come on girls, up on your feet”
I think they are going to announce a separation
Being Canadians, it is a part of every election,
Zoe and Emme will declare their independence,
Put a fence around the playground, and good riddance
They will of course need to design a national flag
It will be round and green with a huge M&M bag
School will have eight periods of recess per day
All the rest of the day – will also be a period of play
Food will consist of ice cream, donuts and chocolate
Spinach and veggies are illegal in the independent state
Weekends are from Monday to Friday,
They will have special weekend days Saturday and Sunday,
You only go to bed when you feel you are tired
Showers and bathing are voluntary and are much undesired
No grownups allowed without special permission
Mammy and daddy may hug, under special provision,
So now that the girls are part of the League of Nations,
Anyone who wants to join may want to fill an application

A Day At The Lake

One day soon, I hope in a year or two
I shall be taking Zoe, Emme and Liam too
To a lake full of fish of all kinds and hues
We will sit on the dock and take off our shoes
Dunk our feet in the lukewarm water beneath
To cool off from the midsummer heat
We shall enjoy the light warm breeze,
That keeps afloat all the flies and bees
We will be relaxed, since we all know
There are no sharks in Lake Simcoe

Star Trek Verses

I wanted to talk to Neil Armstrong
Wanted to make sure I do not get it wrong
How does one read poetry and words of verse?
Out there in the universe, in outer space,
Wanted his professional opinion without discrimination
About a problem existing since before creation
Can we export a language spoken, never written?
(Outer space is not exactly Great Britain),
Shall we read aloud a Robert Frost or Emily Dickinson?
Will it translate easily to Vulcan or Klingon?
How do Romeo and Juliet sound in Borg literature?
How does Winnie the Pooh fit in Romulan culture?
Unfortunately, Neil will not be available anytime soon
Mr. Armstrong is busy with his walks on the moon

Dancing Cheek To Cheek

Fred Astaire was so light on his feet
Dancing with Ginger Rogers, cheek to cheek
Singing and dancing the Irving Berlin adaptations
That solidified Astaire and Rogers career and relations
Since 1933 in “Flying down To Rio”, this was their first,
Until 1949 when they did their last (and it was not their worst,)
They gave us ten beautiful musical pieces, what a joy
That will last forever and many generations will enjoy,
Gene Kelly had different style, less chic
Kelly was more athletic, had a more powerful technique,
When he swirled long legged, Cyd Charisse, in his arms,
In “Singing in the Rain”, in that green dress, working his charms,
The world held its breath; it was a moment to hold,
Since the movie came out, it was seen times untold,
Generations fell in love with the way they danced
Today the love of dance has returned much enhanced
“You think you can dance” a very popular show,
And the love of dance just continues to grow,
Hats off to Astaire and to Kelly, Charisse and Rogers,
To Irving Berlin, Hart, Hammerstein and Rodgers,
That brought us the love of song and dance
A little “cheek to cheek” with a lot of romance


I was always very tall
Ever since, I was very small
I remember, even in elementary school
It was an unwritten rule,
At the end of the year photography session
I was always behind the back row, without question
All the shorter kids were standing, each on a stool
Those are my memories, even before preschool,
Volleyball, basketball, I hated sports,
I preferred to read books than to run on the courts,
Yet it was the price to pay, for being tall,
These were the moments I wished I was small,
As the years went by, I kept growing even more,
I became the reporter keeping the weather score,
People were asking,”How is the weather up there?”
For this kind of reporting, I did not much care,
The years after that was not much of a change
I kept growing, a bit slower while the others –
Were narrowing the range,
As I grew older, I discovered something new and rare,
My height was growing faster than my hair,
Now the top of my head stands taller, I swear,
It stands about an inch above my hair,
This is an amazing discovery I must say,
I tell it all – nothing kept at bay,
So if you are looking for my curls or mane
Let me clarify it to you, please let me explain
I grew so fast, I past my top
And up above, there ain’t no mop.

Why So Many Questions?

Oh Mammy, all mixed up I am,
Why are the peanuts butter and the strawberry jam?
Why do you drive on the parkway?
And daddy parks on the driveway?
Why is my nose running? Do tell,
Why do my feet smell?
Why does night fall but never breaks?
Why does the daybreak, yet never fall?
If bus station is, where the bus stop,
What will happen at the workstation?
If vegetarians eat vegetables (not meat)
What does a humanitarian eat?
And mammy please do tell
Why when I ask these questions in school-
The teachers get mad as hell.

On The See-Saw

Hey there, you, on the see-saw
Up you go very fast – down is slow
It must be because your sister is older,
You can tell, you barely reach up to her shoulder,
She must be heavier than you are
Or, maybe she just had few more chocolate bars?
Is this why she rides the bicycle
While you, follow on your tricycle?
Can I tell you a little secret?
Tell no one – not even for his or her dessert,
But if you eat your veggies and fruit,
This piece of chicken and carrots to boot
You will grow faster than everyone else will,
Soon enough you will be as tall as the hill
No more hand-me-downs,
Just because you had put on a few pounds,
So next time you are on the see-saw,
You will know why
When you sat on the see-saw,
Your sister flew to the sky.

New Grandson

I have a new grandson, Liam Matthew,
Not used, nor refurbished, he is brand new,
I checked to see, he is amazing, truly is,
The kid is already a public relations wiz,
After a few hours out, into the world
Everyone loved him in maternity ward,
He gulps down all that he is served
At this time, it is milk, warm and well preserved,
At present, he has a full daily schedule
He sleeps, he poops and again he refuels,
He seems to be quiet content
Well with such schedule, it is not exactly a torment
In a day or two he will be moving to his mansion
Where the rest of the serfs will jump to attention
I think that Liam Matthew is all set, for the good life
At least until he is ready for his own wife

Marcus Aurelius The III

Koko our golden retriever,
Was much more than a hound
He was an amazing dog,
Measured pound for pound,
He was worth his weight in gold,
He was family, a friend, a body, wise and old,
His full name was; I tell no tale, mark my word,
His Lordship “Marcus Aurelius Caesar the third”,
Koko understood everything before it was said,
He knew what you wanted, far ahead,
We never saw him loose his patience, his cool,
Old faithful he was, never a bark, never made a fool,
When a problem aroused and needed solution,
Koko proved again the process of evolution,
He showed that a dog well bred
Is a dog well read!
When we had him put to sleep, because we cared,
When his suffering was just too much to bear,
When taken to dog heaven in the sky,
Not one eye in the house was dry,
In many ways, Koko was one of the best-
Good souls I ever met, may in peace he rest,
And if there is justice in the world beyond and after
Koko gets a huge big bone, everyday for supper.

Lobster Anyone?

Sometimes when we go for a walk
Zoe and me, not far –  less than a block
We would go to the Promenade Mall
Zoe loves to take the shopping mall stroll
We would walk around knowing, that in the end
We will visit the fish tank at T&T, just around the bend
At the T&T fish counter, with the huge glass aquariums
Where assortment of fish, are taking their final cruise
There are pink salmon, red snappers, and trout
The oysters look like they are chilling out,
There are side walking crabs, and crawlers with jaws,
With huge arms ending with massive claws,
Busy they seem, walking around looking for fights,
Like seafaring, nature armoured brave knights,
Zoe, on the one hand, curious to see the lobsters
On the other hand, she holds on to me, a little nervous,
She would laugh aloud, at their ridiculous walk,
(They do seem funny, like a mantis in a frock),
Then we would walk around the store, some more,
(Because after a while, watching fish becomes a bore)
We end up at the fruit section, buying fresh fruits,
Zoe prefers food without claws-
She prefers food that has  roots

What Are The Odds?

Does one believe in Karma? Infinite fate,
Is there divine guidance, natural order? Does one dictate?
Can someone explain how it is possible? The probability,
What are the odds? It is impossibility,
Yet the facts are facts, there is no denying
There are forces beyond our comprehension, implying,
Our first granddaughter was born on my father’s birthday,
Our first grandson was born on my father’s passing day,
Mathematically chances are one in 365
No matter the equation, to this number you will arrive,
Yet two times this ratio, twice the inconceivable, we derive,
You tell me, are there forces at play?
This is not a month, a week, but the exact same day,
I am not religious, worshipper, observant individual,
It is incidents like this, which make exception to the rule
And it makes you think and it makes you wonder,
Something to muse over, consider and ponder

Who Made The Mess?

Who made this mess?
Will anyone confess?
Someone must have tried this gown,
And matched it with this crown,
Let me guess- was it little Tinkerbelle?
Was it a princess? Please do tell,
And these toys all over the floor,
There are more toys here than in the store,
There are books, puzzles and plenty of puppets,
Miss Piggy, and Kermit from the Muppets,
A huge walk-on piano carpet – like the movie “Big”
Marie Antoinette dress, and Louie the 16th wig,
So who made the jumble? Who made the clutter?
Let us clean up the mess – put it under cover,
Hang up the dress,
Lots on the floor – let us see much less
Then have a huge white bread toast- made by mother
With plenty of strawberry jam and peanut butter

Ice Cream

Next time you are taking your kids for a stroll
Or your grand children –
When you play the grandparent role,
In winter when all is cold and white
The sunrays bounce of the snow so bright
Even if it is Brrrr…… cold to the bone
Pretend you are living inside an ice-cream cone,
You can have with you a raspberry drink,
Or a cup full to the rim with lots of chocolate milk,
Add a few pistachios to the mix
And you got yourself in a fix,
Everyone will be standing in line
On the world largest ice cream to dine,
Think of the possibilities,
No end to your capabilities,
Add almonds, walnuts, raisins, or honey,
Stop laughing it is not funny,
You can add M&M’s and chocolate candy
(If you are old enough) a few drops of brandy
We are so fortunate indeed,
To live in the world largest treat,
All the kids in the world will be jealous of you,
Everyone would wish, they had such goo
You could be kind and share your good luck
Let all the neighbourhood share in your snack

A Tale My Father Told Me (or, be thankful as things could be much worse)

You used to tell an old story
About the older lady
That a bird pooped on, from above
It may have been a sparrow or a dove,
Yet she complained all day long
That a bird pooping on people was very wrong
And you said (I remember well)–
That life could have been a living hell,
The lady was lucky (you said) –
That it is birds that fly
Up above and high in the sky,
The situation would have been much worse
A blessing would become a curse
If instead of birds flying high
We had cows flying and pooping from the sky

Best Friend?

We used to be as one
Before it has all – became undone
I truly do not understand
How the team became disband
So close we were, so tight
From first light, till late at night
Inseparable we were,
Never parted, always a pair,
No need to speak, we were aware,
A glance, a glimpse, a wink, to share,
Is this what death is?
Am I to accept this?
Is this the end – so abrupt?
Has the pure become corrupt?
Can you hear me inside your head?
Am I still your best friend?

A Year Gone

Today is your birthday
Your first since you passed away
Last year today, we shared a cake
It was a chocolate cake, that Dina baked,
We pretended that all was well, but we all knew
It was to be your last – we had no clue
That it will take six days –
For death to make its claim – have its way
I miss you more than I ever thought I would
More than I am willing to admit, or should,
So much has happened, not all good
I am sure from where you are now; it is understood,
Not accepted, nor approved, not tolerated,
Yet you have seen it all, it is all dictated,
It is fate, and destiny, providence, doom, and karma,
A mix of futile comedy, tragedy and drama,
Today is also little Zoe’s birthday,
February seventh -you two shared this day,
And we shall always serve a cake,
I do not know who this cake will bake,
I do not know, will it be coconut or chocolate,
I do not know who will be away, take part or slowly out fade,
What was will never be, all is gone,
Until we meet again in the great beyond

Lonely but not alone

It has been said – “alone but not lonely”
Songs been written, of “the one and only”,
Yet can one be lonely and be not alone?
Belong to, and yet be on one’s own?
One may feel like fish out of water,
Or a lamb, being taken to slaughter,
Be a part of a group, or the herd or a flock,
Embedded in a wall, or a city block,
Yet like a forest of trees, you stand
A tree in a forest to no end,
Side by side – but not connected,
Each trunk stands dejected

Romeo, Iago, Ophelia and Puck?

Why is it that all true love ends in disaster?
Be you a lowly slave, or a powerful master,
Why do Romeo and Juliet with love so pure-
end in a grave without a cure?
Is there no future for true love?
Are there no expectations-
to make amends, overcome frustrations?
Did Shakespeare hit the nail on the head?
Either you are laughed at – or you drop dead
How much pain do we spread so lightly?
Can we not give in a little, just slightly?
A few years – we beget on this earth,
We must make it count – make it worth,
Every day that goes by without the ones we care for-
is a day of pain and torment to the core,
If we seek not to be a Shakespearean tragedy
Nor end up as an Elizabethan comedy
No one wants to become Othello or Iago,
Nor be Puck or Ophelia, life is precious, not a picture show

Radio Days

It was a huge green eye that never squint,
Took a long time to warm up, It never winked, or blinked,
When it got started, it was looking at you open wide
As it warmed up it got greener, more intense, and catlike wild
As you got the station right, it narrowed to a pointy dot,
Now we were ready, the family sitting around it, the lot,
There were the weekly skits that every one waited for
Our cultural heroes that we all know and adore,
There was the mystery show, with the famous detective,
Within the hour he solved the murder, (he was very effective),
There was the music – (live show), what else? From overseas,
The occasional concert, conducted by Von Karajan or Toscanini,
We had the daily transmission from the UN assembly, with live translation,
At that time, we took every one seriously, every nation,
People were respectful and culturally trained,
It was just a few years after the war; much had to be explained,
R. Wagner was never played- yet R. Strauss was allowed,
The arguments were getting indeed very loud,
There was no TV in these tranquil radio days, pre-presidential debate,
Everyone knew his neighbors; no one was overweight,
Our leaders were “statesmen!” – not politicians,
No one had careers; they all had missions,
When you went to the movies once a week, (we all did of course)
Before the movie, we were shown the newsreel (our only visual news source),
Remember it was long before TV invaded our lives,
There were actual families, children, husbands, and wives,
We ate dinner around the table, unbelievable, yes, but truly home cooked,
We talked of our daily experiences, discussed how things looked,
After dinner, we all went to sit in the backyard, to eat fresh fruit,
Those early radio days, when mother wore a dress and father wore a suit

Pick Up From School

Today I picked up Zoe from school,
I do not usually pick her up from school, as a rule
She had the funniest look of surprise, on her face
That slowly tuned into a big grin of happiness,
“Saba”, she called and jumped into my arms,
This young lady knows how to turn on the charms,
Then she told me of her adventure, that morning,
When it started to rain, without any warning,
She got her skirt all wet and dirty,
And had to dry it, and make it all pretty,
Now she can run around and play
It is only early afternoon- we still have all day
And Saba where is Mama, and where is the car,
What is that in the ashtray? Is this your cigar?
If we drive this way, the sun is in my eyes,
When we get home, will Mama be surprised?
Oh Zoe so many questions, you have, it is amazing,
No, it is still winter, not yet spring,
And Mamma will not be surprised in the least,
She is expecting you home, with a four o’clock feast,
Emme and you will play and have fun,
Until it will be time for bed, we will turn off the sun
You will have pleasant dreams, surrounded by love,
You are a great granddaughter for Saba to have

A Little Odd

Always was different, a little odd,
Not all a demon, and definitely not a god,
His peers were what you may call, mainstream
He was never a part of, “the team”,
A strange outsider, an insert of sort, a misfit,
One to be there, but not to be with,
Since the dawn of his life, first light,
Until this day, life was not such a delight,
Many hardships, misunderstandings,
Not at all surrounded by angel wings,
Daily grind, putting on a face,
To go thru the days with some grace,
When he loved, he loved complete,
Until one day, they hit delete