What Color Are You?

My friend Randy, is black,
My white friend name is Jack
My brown friend name is Fred,
And my friend Jane is red,
Lee my yellow friend is from China,
And brown Managie is from Ghana,
My green friend Boo is from Saturn,
My purple friend Balloo is from Nebula Pun,
Chipopo is purple, from Ursae Minoris,
And John is simply from Indianapolis,
My blue friend Tapoo is cheerful,
Even though he is blue (now I think doubtful),
But one thing is for sure, you should know,
Take your time; just go with the flow,
We will never allow, this pink polka dot boy in
(Who does he think he is, with that color skin?)

Who Is On Second?

It isn’t always recommended,
To be the first in line, granted,
Not if you check the facts historically,
I can say that quiet categorically,
I can think of many examples,
And will give you a few samples,
So that you will also see the bitter truth,
We are being misinformed! since our youth,
Example one, with your permission,
(I do make deductions due to superstition)
How many a person walked into an elevator
Going thru the open door
Only to find there is no car,
Flying thru the shaft, and landing very far,
Yet the one behind unhurt,
Not even a stain on his shirt,
What about the mechanical mouse trap?
The first mouse going for the cheese, is slapped
The second mouse in line, avoids the toils
Because he was second, he enjoys the spoils
How many sat to the table, being the first biter,
Only to discover they are biting into a nightmare,
The second in line avoids the disaster,
Not being first but being the latter
So remember please, be kind and patient,
Take your time, you may prevent an event

What Do You Want To Be?

Jonathan wants to be a firefighter,
Sarah wants to be a writer,
Jacob wants to be a cook,
Jimmy is already a crook,
Daphne wants to be a dancer,
Zoe wants to be a prankster,
Walter does not know what he wants,
Although his mother says, he will always remain a klutz
Robert wants to be a detective,
Joanna wants to keep things in perspective,
Steve wants to be a rock singer,
Brad wants to be a Maple Leaf right-winger,
And what do I want to be?
Well, I just want to be me.

The Story of Jerry Morse

This is the story of Jerry Morse,
That had a face that looked like a horse,
He had a normal life, most of the time
A face like a horse, is not really a crime
But, one day he went to the races,
A funny place to be, for people with horse like faces,
As he was standing in line, to get his ticket
That long line, in front of the wicket
A jockey appeared, and on his back threw a saddle,
This fit him well, should he astraddle
As he was led to the track, by the jockey
He knew he was very lucky,
Although it is absurd, to have a horse like face,
Jerry Morse, came in third place

The Brute

I remember when I was going to school
Many years ago, (even then it was the rule),
And in my school – there was a boy,
A very brute he was, his name was Roy,
This boy named Roy, loved to eat fruit,
Grapes, apples, and sugar cane root
He also loved to eat coleslaw, and radish
Well, he would shovel and eat any rubbish,
Then he would be going to the playground
Where he would be running around
So he ran on the grounds and on the grass
When he stopped, it was because he ran out of gas

Taking a Bath

Parents can be really nagging
Always complaining always grumbling,
It is time to go to bed- go and shower!
You played all day; you don’t smell like a flower,
In fact- you are covered all over, with dirt,
You played with the dog; you tore up your shirt,
Look under your nails, they are black with soil,
To clean you up we will need to boil you in oil,
Oh this kid, is a garbage collector,
To clean her up, we will need to disinfect her
You can’t see skin under the mess
We will need to chisel away her dress
This morning this dress was pink
You have only one sock. boy does it stink,
Come on jump into the shower
To get all the dirt off,
You are under the water for at least an hour


Everyone wants me to eat healthy food
Be it cooked, steamed, grilled or stewed,
It is a conspiracy, by all and each family member,
Ever since I was born, ever since I can remember,
Eat this; eat that, it is good for you,
Eat it all; do not forget to chew,
Eat the chicken, finish the beef,
Do you know how many live on UN relief?
Do you know how many children around the globe,
To have what you have, will pay a sack of gold,
So I asked mommy to donate all my food
To the poor and unfortunate kids in the world,
I also made it a point to give away especially
All the quality foods, the very nourishing and healthy,
Give away all my chicken, the spinach and beef
To supplement the UN relief