Tonight is Halloween,
I started early, on double dose of caffeine
A double espresso – short and strong
A day starting like that, you cannot go wrong
Had an early meeting in Aroma
Was too early, I was half in a coma
Can’t wait for tonight, taking the kids
To do the rounds, to make their trick or treat bids
Zoe is a pink fairy – queen of the night
Emme is a cat – with a mustache trimmed just right
Next year we shall have another join the group
Their cousin, will be the new recruited troop
And together they shall be tricking and treating
And in the end, their spoils they will be eating
Chocolates, candies, gum, and bars
Oh Henry’s, Arrow, and of course Mars
Mmm….. , yes sir this is an evening for the tummy
Everything is so good and yummy,
Wish we had such fun when I was a kid,
It would have been so much fun (God Forbid)

Apples and grapefruits

Lately, I‘ve been thinking about my mother
Well, remembering not thinking, rather
I remembered how she would peel an apple, big and red
With one, ongoing continues motion, in a long thin spiral thread,
In the evening sitting on the balcony, “on the before TV days”, (that’s cute)
We sat, listening to the radio, as she would swirl the peel of a juicy grapefruit,
And we would eat to our hearts content, enjoying the fresh fruity taste,
Making sure not one drop goes to waste,
Funny how as the years go by, without the ones we love
It is the little things we remember, the little details we think of
Maybe it is meant to be this way, to be remembered by our daily deeds
Rather than by the grandeur, the majestic, and our ego needs.

Tomato, Tamato!

I need to know-
Why when you look me in the eye
All stops, and you begin to cry,
I ask myself, time and again, why?
At the end of the day
Does anything remain? Does anyone stay?
Like the falling leaves, comes autumn,
Like the snow, that melts away- its post-mortem,
Like the music of Tom Petty, from long before:
“Don’t come around here no more”,
So, we don’t
Or, we won’t
What is the difference really, it’s all semantics,
“Tomato”, “Tamato”, rhythms and metrics

Chicken Liver

Chicken liver – so simple yet so good
On Jewish holidays, usually, it is served – finely chopped
Mixed with fried onions – so fine and browned lightly,
Talking about it now – makes me feel faint, slightly
Of course, we can give it fancy long names,
Such as “p’at’e de foie gras” – on flames
However, call it what you like – the proof is in the liver
Usually at its best, when by your grandma it is delivered,
Served on a tiny plate, surrounded by little pieces of fresh white toast
That sends shivers – coast to coast
If accompanied with red wine – it tastes like heaven on earth
(Not Manischewitz god-forbid), but a good money’s worth
So next time when you walk into a deli
Rethink what you rather put into your belly
Consider the facts; there can be no mistake,
A good chicken liver wins over any juicy steak
(Or at least makes a good starter)
Try it – you can thank me later.