My Poor Shih Tzu

There are times when you just can’t help,
When you tried it all, lift, push and schlep,
It is at times, hard to admit and confess,
And definitely, the source of many a stress,
I shall not beat around the bush or avoid,
Nor pin the blame on Dr. Sigmund Freud,
But my neighbor, who is a real pig and a hog,
When farting, he always blames it on the dog,


So it’s time again for the summer Olympics,
Where for under aged kids we do all sorts of statistics,
Where a 12 year old undernourished child shows,
That for a gold medal all is allowed I suppose,
So we take a girl at 3 and make her elastic,
Instead of playing with dolls, she is now spastic,
Is it not child abuse to make children do all that?
Instead of playing ball, read, play with the cat,
Shouldn’t a child have a normal life in USA or China?
Why start him training while in his mother’s vagina?