The Men In The Wall

You can search on the streets parks and malls,
For these illusive men that live inside the walls,
They all live in between this yin and that yang,
Jeremy the banana, Dozer, the rest of the gang,
Ever since three hundred and twenty three BC,
When people have not yet learned to count to three,
They chose to live inside the walls to avoid life’s turmoil,
Staying out of sight for a few millennia under a tin foil,
Nowadays they have no reason to change and come out at all,
So, they continue to live in between yin and yang in the wall,

 Seven Feet of Snow

This week in Buffalo, they got seven feet of snow,
It was crazy it went down to fourteen degrees below,
I checked to see if indeed it was seven feet for real,
Or maybe the usual exaggeration and not a big deal,
But, there they were seven feet of snow mighty feet,
Standing there very tall in the middle of Main Street,
I went close to take a look-see, make sure it’s secure,
(Because nowadays no one really can be completely sure),
They were real alright, toes fingers and corns as well,
These were seven feet, that came right out of hell,
The weather people said we should clear all the clogs,
Because tomorrow it is going to rain cats and dogs,

Where Does It Start?

What is so tasty on a weekend breakfast?
Goes amazingly well with cream cheese and lox,
Has been used in stories, the arts, very traditional,
Can be white, rye, multigrain, very nutritional,
It was brought in from East Europe to America,
To New York (later of course moved to Florida),
The funny thing about this story my dear friend,
That like the Bagel there is no beginning and no end,

I do It My Way

Never settled for a few drops instead of the wine,
Never on few crumbs instead of baguette shall I dine,
It is all or nothing in my book, I always did say,
It is black or white, never just a meaningless grey,
Take it or leave it, these are your choices, Kapish?
You do as I say, or you go swim with the fish,

Rasputin’s Dilemma

Rasputin was the laughing stock of all Ural,
After years of being Russia’s most virile,
Subsequent to abuse by Catherine the Great,
That squeezed him from heavy to light weight,
Once she was done with poor Rasputin, she ditched him,
Regardless of complaint, protest and even a scream,
After years of constant seduction and corruption,
Catherine got rid of Rasputin for his man activity reduction,
It is not as the rumors said, that his member got small,
It was only his legs that got abnormally huge that is all,

The Sand Box

I like to play with my grandchildren all day,
With Lego, the cars, cubes, all good I always say,
I like to share with them liquorish red and black,
We play in the front of the house and in the back,
We love to go for long walks to the local park,
Sometimes we stay late until it is almost dark,
We love to build castles in the big sand box,
Sometimes we add huge green and blue blocks,
At times when all the kids in the sand box with me,
Like everyone else, when no one looks I also pee,

Why Bother

I just read a study by Schroder and Smith,
That scared me completely I must surely admit,
It said that in about eight billion years there about,
The Sun will become a giant red star and blow out,
I was so scared hearing the bad news it changes all,
The earth destroyed and gone makes my skin crawl,
On the other hand, I see no reason at this difficult hour,
To do the dishes, vacuum or to take another shower,