Cry Me a River

When I was a little boy, really wee,
My father would whistle aloud, to help me pee,
Usually a classical piece,  well known, easy streaming,
That whistle had an amazing effect on my youthful peeing,
Now that I have been growing in years,

a grandfather times five,

I am counting the minutes it takes,

for the pee to eventually arrive,

“Cry me a river” sang Ella Fitzgerald,

I second that call, and I can’t wait,

For that long trip of liquids from the kidney,

via my overworked prostate,



At the end of the day there is a night they say,

Then as night fades out dawn shows up, another day,

So is the tide comes and goes with the moon and sun,

There is order in the world, a place and a purpose for everyone,

Then human shows up, and order is gone for no logical reason,

All mixed up summer or winter, rain, snow, wind, all is one season,

Yet stupidity is here to stay, with high or low tide, day or night,

It strikes us all over with its full might, it takes its relentless bite,

Sleep well tonight oh world, tomorrow is another night and day,

I’ve given up, I shall go with the tide, I see no other way.



Being a marketer for many a year I always knew,

To come with the best tagline to make your point on cue,

When the new burial service provider came to me for advice,

I knew right away what they need, I was clear and very precise,

What you put as your tagline to grow up your business real fast,

To be the first and best known, and not as you are now, dead last

You will now be saying – (and this tagline is indeed a keeper)

“We bury you deeper – For Cheaper”



Toronto’s Mayor New Toll

We have a busy mayor in Toronto the great,

Every time he opens his mouth I just cannot wait,

It seems all problems can be solved by taxing us more,

Torontonians apparently can be milked like never before,

The pot holes in the roads are as big as the lunar crates,

Between him and Ontario premier you can’t Wynne, mates,

Now he wants us to pay for driving the roads, a little toll,

To cover the incompetency and waste at Toronto city-hall,

Next he’ll be looking at the homeless who don’t have a cent,

Still our mayor will be looking to collect from them rent,