Please Stay (In Memory of Moshe 26-05-2014)

Please don’t leave Dad, not yet,
So much to say, to tell, we just met,
Don’t leave now, please just one more cuddle,
I was your little baby, bundle of joy, your chuckle,
So much to do, dreams we share, we just started,
Don’t leave us now Dad, to go to places uncharted,
What I would give, for one more hug just to say,
Please Dad can you please come back and stay,

Environment Worries

For years I have been taking care of the universe,
Making sure the environment does not get any worse,
I stopped pollution; cleaned water filtered the sea,
Cleaned the oily birds from the oil dumped by BP,
Did all I can to save the world from its own hands,
Planted trees in the rain forests sifted the oil sands,
Alas, no matter how hard I worked and I sure did sweat,
I could not stop the methane gas the cows’ farts made,

Almost Seventy

This week was holocaust day it is 69 years,
Since the end of the war no more tears,
Most of my family was gone few remained,
The ones that remained depleted and drained,
Nothing left, no grave not a stone not even ashes,
A few pictures, not enough for an album, just patches,
 Now that my father has passed not even a memory left,
After I am gone, the memories of memories be put to rest,


One Brazil nut, eleven almonds, two walnuts,
Tablespoon of flaxseed, grounded, no cold cuts,
Psyllium one teaspoon, peanut butter a quarter cup,
Blueberries, strawberries, Espresso cream beat-up,
Mix in the blender no added sugar just cinnamon,
Yogurt low fat, Vitamin D to strengthen the bone,
Pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, three pecans,
All is fresh none salted nothing out of cans,
That is my breakfast for champions- everyday,
If not that I would be eating straw and hay,

First Real Day of Spring

Today was 18 degrees Celsius no kidding,
I took a walk to the park was back with the living,
There was an old couple and he was in a wheel chair,
Throwing a tennis ball to a dog looking like a bear,
I was wondering who would tire first man or dog,
The winner was the man that obviously did not jog,
Kids were playing in the baseball arena screaming,
As their proud parents were watching beaming,
Spring broke loose out of the blue it happened again,
This evening guess what another three inches of rain,

My Weekly Drink With God

As I told you before, God and I meet every week,
On the west facing balcony, for cigar and a drink,
He needs these weekly meeting the old slick,
To complain and Kvetch, always the same shtick,
By the way, the weekly drink is not Manischewitz,
Neither another Kosher wine not even a Spritz,
We drink nothing less the 1903 Courvoisier XO,
That follows the “Foie Gras” and the Bordeaux,
Then we light a Gurkha Black Dragon cigar, well aged,
Then we mess up traffic, just to get drivers enraged,
Don’t do as I do but do as I say, bluntly he says,
Take it or leave it, and may God (I) bless,