Fall is Autumn

There are four seasons in Canada they say,
September, December, June and ….May?
Each season is defined by its own colors and smells,
That are burnt into our brains with oils and pastels,
Needless to say temperatures vary as well, you know,
Summer hot – spent here, winter cold -to Mexico we go,
It is unclear how the system works with such perfection,
When it’s cold here, Mexican hotels ready their reception,
And the “snow birds” move to Florida for the duration,
It is the season of the Canadian Americanization.


It’s a disgrace and a shame,
But UNESCO’s claim to fame,
Is ignorance and lack of integrity,
Ridiculously trying to rewrite history,
Is it not time to be rid of the U.N,
And its affiliates in that NY pig’s den,
The UN is one of the most useless organizations,
But, they did Bring Cholera to Haiti and Haitians,
So be good U.N and just disappear if you please,
You really stink like a pile of very bad cheese,

Last of the Original Cast

He was the Prime Minister and President,
He was the last one, when all else went,
I remember him, always being there,
With fire in his words, in his eyes a flare,
As a visionary, he was hated by the right,
As a conformist, he gave the left a fright,
Now he is gone, at ninety three, the last,
Shimon Peres the last of the original cast.


My Voice

My voice is not as it was
No more standing ovations or applause
My amazing bass has dwindled a bit
Even Pavarotti knew when to quit
To be sure a note does not escape
I cautiously sealed my mouth with a tape
And to be sure the will to sing don’t overpower
I most definitely stopped taking a shower