Who was First?

Who invented the car has been a long-standing search,
Was it Cugnot, Benz, or Anderson of the Anglican Church,
The French, the German or the Scottish nationality,
That was the first to drive a car (I keep my neutrality),
Everyone wants to know who was first to invent the car,
Even if such national obsession may seem a bit bizarre,
It seems odd that no one wants to know who did invent,
The world’s ever first, the one and only premier car accident

A Paperless World

Since the eighties we were told by pros,
Paper will be replaced, on IPad we will compose,
We shall write everything on our machines,
Nothing will be on paper all will be on screens,
I sold all my stocks in the paper industry,
I was not going to be trapped or a fool to be,
I recognized right away that the tablet is here,
No more paper to be used, it all will disappear,
Well I think I was a bit too hasty I am now mad,
I cannot figure a way to wipe my behind with an IPad,

Nino Rota

I enjoy old nostalgic music like Amarcord,
Ma La Vita Continua, La Dolce Vita – not ignored,
All movies by Fellini the music by Nino Rota,
He did his share for the cinema did his quota,
Many a times I find myself humming a Rota tune,
When working or driving under the silvery moon,
Dancing my way to the kitchen or climbing the stairs,
Movie scores operas alas he has not many heirs,

Awaiting the Messiah

If it was up to belief religion and faith,
We would still be living in caves to date,
For religions like to keep us like mushrooms,
In the dark and deep in shit and smelly fumes,
The earth is the center of the universe not the sun,
Do as we say or we put you to death every one,
The world was created by god, in six days or less,
If you walk west, you will fall off the universe,
Places and rocks are holy but not human life,
We just sit and wait for messiah to arrive,