A Nudist in a Cactus Colony

Obama seems to me like a total schlemiel,
Makes promises makes statements never deliver,
He stands strong and tough on all-important things,
At the end of the day everyone cuts off his wings,
He has put red lines all over the map,
Knowing him though puts us all into a deep nap,
No one takes Obama seriously anymore,
Congress, Assad, Iran use him to wipe the floor,
President Obama I sincerely beg your pardon,
You remind me of a nudist in a cactus garden,
No matter what you do or where u turn,
You end up with a prick from a thorny fern,

Tea with Lemon and Honey

Do you remember those grandmother’s cures,
That were shoved down that throat of yours,
When you were a kid or a child getting sick,
With the flu or another ailment, you chose to pick,
Grandmother, mother, or an old aunt to the rescue,
Cold or hot compresses or leeches came out on cue,
Everyone had a cure they would swear on with their life,
Be it the grocer the neighbor or the butcher’s wife,
They would each walk in with their tools of shamanism,
Kiss the Mezuzah spit 3 times use another mechanism,
Shove a pot full of steam under your stuffy nose,
Put three towels on your head and two on your toes,
Put a few Rosemary bushes under your pillow and bed,
Until you beg god to take you away you wish you were dead,
Then at night after they all went on you medieval,
Mother would give you a cup of tea with lemon and honey-
That drove away all the bad the mean and the evil.

Yellow Fish Purple Fish

I was sitting at the doctor’s waiting room,
Between two patients and a huge aquarium,
In the aquarium, four fish were busy side to side,
One was a big yellow fish swimming at a stride,
The other three were small fish, purple color,
Third the size of the yellow one, much smaller,
Now I could see the purple ones were full of guts,
While the big yellow one acted like a klutz,
Then I understood why this was going on – easy,
I could see why the purple ones would be so sleazy,
You see the yellow one saw the small purple fish,
And assumed he was also one that will fit a dish,
He never figured he was a big yellow brute,
Figured he was purple small, tiny and minute,
On the other hand – the small purple midgets,
Saw the big yellow shark like, equal 15 digits,
They assumed they were as big as he was at least,
They acted each one like a formidable beast,
Humans sometimes act very much the same, well,
And end up with a very strong stinking fishy smell


There is a watch on my cell phone screen,
There is a timepiece on my laptop mean,
I have a grandfather clock in my den,
I have a watch on the side of my pen,
I have a digital watch inside my mechanical,
There is a watch on the wall of the terminal,
There is a clock on the oven in the kitchen,
And in London there is a clock called Big Ben,
I have a watch on the microwave oven above,
There is a watch in the car that I drive,
My desktop has two watches on the bar,
I even have a watch like sun on my cigar,
Why is it that with so many watches up-to-date?
I still show to all my meetings half hour late,

The Games

There were times when I thought of a medal,
Silver, gold, or bronze since I was in the cradle,
It was a burning wish I had and always carried,
Deep inside me it was launched and buried,
I never wanted a medal in the regular games,
For that, one has to be disciplined to make claims,
I knew I was destined for the other games,
If my name was to be up there in flames,
Unfortunately, I never got to be on the team,
And thus never accomplished my childhood dream,
One does not qualify to the Special Olympics,
Having painful hemorrhoids or chopped dry lips,


Today I found a few pencils in my desk drawer,
I could not remember what they were used for,
I remembered I liked them and used them long ago,
Just could not point out for what purpose to or fro,
I spend most of the day trying to resolve the outcome,
I needed to find out so I will not be feeling so dumb,
Eventually it rang a bell and I got out of the fix,
I started using the pencils to eat sushi as chopsticks,

Your Two Cents

When I was a kid, we never saw our dad,
If you were up early enough, you would see his back,
If you went to bed late, you would see him return,
Father was someone that was born to work and earn,
We never saw dad during the week he was never there,
Only on the Sabbath, we saw him sitting on his chair,
Dad was an elusive figure we hardly really knew,
Mother was the boss we were always in her view,
This generation are more fortunate I can see my sons,
Taking active part in raising their little ones,
Changing diapers, playing, going for a long walk,
They are there when the babies start to talk,
They do not miss any of the important events,
Being there, you can put in your two cents,