A Weekend With Saba

I went to see my grandchildren today,
As I usually do comes a weekend day,
I saw Zoe the eldest first time this week,
She seems to be growing extremely quick,
Well it is either that she grows so quick, a trick,
Or maybe I, her Saba am beginning to shrink?
Then there is Emme the second, Emme the wild,
Wilder than all the others, more than any other child,
She tries to go through walls change the deck,
Exclusively using her head face and neck,
Then a trip to see Liam my man my grandson,
He likes it in my arms it is Saba or none,
I can see in the near future a fishing trip,
Liam my man already has quiet a grip,
His sister Noa still a couple of months old,
Already doubled her weight nothing is on hold,
Eating and sleeping is her main activity
All signs show as she grows up –
 You will deal with radioactivity

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