Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me
Happy birthday dear Phillllllll….., Happy birthday to me
Sometimes at night – I sit and I wonder
How many drinks will it take me to ponder?
And forget? – my day of creation
When my head snapped the placenta fixation
And into the world I emerged victorious
An amazing child, so amazingly glorious
Five decades and then some eight
Almost nine pounds of tax rebate
So here, I am today six feet 2 inches tall
If only they had then – a baby recall

Winter is here again

Little stream, snaking under trees
The flapping wings, of busy bees
The sun’s angle, much lower nowadays
Sending, its yellow golden rays
The tree leaves, brownish and dry
Some still clinging on branches high
Some already fallen, onto the rushing stream
Floating, like little boats of steam,
Racing downhill, like little octagon stars
As if they were, speeding “Nascar” cars,
Squirrels and chipmunks are in a rush,
Panicked, as winter is about to crash,
Collecting their nuts, everyday counts,
In the Canadian winter, there are no discounts,
Geese are still goose-stepping the lake’s shore,
Soon winter will be knocking on our door
The last few leaves will slowly make their fall,
Breeze will make way to squall.

Genes !

I find myself speaking words, my father used,
This makes me bewildered, and confused,
Are the genes, so deeply within us engraved?
Is the road of life, pre-paved?
Are we destined to walk our ancestral path?
Is it programmed within us, like a principle of math?
What else is engraved into us? onto our mind?
What else is there to haunt us? Our souls to grind?
Where do our parents end, and we begin?
When does “would be”, replaces “has been”?
Is this what is meant by ancestral sin?
To carry on us, like a rash on the skin?
Is it the “was”, and the “will be”, and in between?
I am just trying to understand, what does it mean?

Castles in the sky

Building castles in the sky
Is not so easy, to apply
You may find the castles on a cloud,
Right next to a dream, someone avowed,
Yet sometimes, the skies are clear
And the castles, disappear
Not one left, not even a shack,
This can really, set you back,
For in those castles, you do not know-
but the neighbors, are like the fingers to the toe,
They are there, yet totally ignored,
And show quiet clearly, they are bored,
Like a couple watching TV, one beside the other
Forgetting to look, at one another
Like the fingers in the shoe, side by side
Together, yet between is the big divide.


Why do you insist?
On being such a cyst
On someone’s ass?
And it will come to pass
When your ass
Will be in a class
Now it’s a pain
In the brain
Try to abstain
Try to refrain
You just go and complain
Again and again
Maybe you should
Change the mood
And the weather will improve
We’ll all be in the groove
Otherwise why not just go
Down below
Where married or single
Are in a mingle
No need to select
No need to suspect
Just freedom and love
When push comes to shove