“Social” Media

I am very much technically inclined,
This of course means that I am socially behind,
My friends are computer, tablet, Smartphone,
Things that are soulless, metal plastic and stone,
It wasn’t always like that; it slowly grew on me,
Wasn’t my choice, it actually was a necessity,
All around people were looking at their machines,
Walking into walls, overtaken by their screens,
If you wanted to talk to a person beside you,
Forget it unless you text them they had no clue,
Even poems are no longer read face to face,
But played on Facebook just delivered into space,


The policeman stopped her speeding,
Thirty over, the radar was reading,
The policeman looked at her smiling,
Dear lady you know you are flying,
Was waiting for someone like you all day,
And now dear lady you’ll have to pay,
Well said the lady, pay I surely would,
I tried to get to you as fast as I could,
Sorry I had you waiting all day for little me,
I had to go to the washroom to pee you see,

Wasted Words

He has written a million letters,
Heavy as lead, light as feathers,
To the love of his life, the one,
The one for him under the sun,
They all pile up next to the desk,
Forming shapes strangely grotesque,
No one will ever know of his words,
Wasted on deaf ears, ravens and birds,
Will all burn, when his soul he returns,
All turning to ashes when it burns,
Words wasted as words usually are,
Not funny not sad just bizarre,