Breathe in to your full lung capacity,
You are in Toronto it is a big city,
Breathe in the downtown air so rich,
Keep a straight face don’t twitch,
Enjoy the mix of carbon monoxide,
Mixed with bits of hydrogen peroxide,
The lovely smog of rush hour traffic,
Blended with other substances it is very graphic,
Other pollutants make a good addition,
To our body’s uncontrolled glands secretion,
I bet in a generation or two at the most,
The human race is going to be toast,


I woke up this morning I was red with anger,
The sun was shining yellow in the blue yonder,
The white snow was sparkling in fiery orange glow,
Before turning gray, it is the nature of snow,
The green leaves of the trees turned brown,
Covering with a quilt of black the roads in town,
Mixed with some almond and plenty of crimson,
Where they lie fluffing about until they are blown,
Strong winds turn the leaves amber side up,
Winter is the leaves cold and freezing death trap,
Until spring returns with its rosy cheeks,
Bringing back the pink of life, we all seek,
Then snow turns to rain, all is minty green,
Washed by the rain the streets now again clean,
Just the rainbow hanging up in the sky,
Shooting lively colors that make you sigh,
Melon, apricot, violet, magenta, mango, maroon
All seem the same under the light-
of the silvery moon

There Is The Door

Some years back you were born in a town,
You lived there all your life – you stuck around,
You went to school was married worked and died,
Within a city block where your ancestors reside,
For generations since coming from the old country,
This is where they chose to live and be,
A good choice it was – a new beginning a new life,
You would also import yourself a nice little wife,
Who stood beside you through the good and mostly bad,
One hand holding the baby the other supporting dad,
These were the hard first days of the first settlers,
Surrounded by raccoons, beavers and grizzly bears,
Today TV, internet, IPads, surrounds us, all around,
We move and travel, drive and fly, never settle down,
But are we happier today, are we more content?
Living in a huge house instead of a tiny tent,
Yes, we are happier we live better, eat well,
We shower daily (which means we don’t smell),
Yes life is good now days, better than before,
Anyone thinking different, there is the door

Abstract Triangle Lion

I am an abstract man,
A man of abstract I am,
Made of little pieces, little parts,
Different shapes, circles, squares, charts,
Varying colors, shades, green, grey, blue and red,
A mix-up of shapes and colors –
Some exposed some misread,
Little shreds of information and data,
Some alpha to Zeta some are just Beta,
Bits of memories long and short,
Some good some are bad-
Some you keep, some you abort,
For I am an abstract of many pieces,
That keeps growing and increases,
Today I was a lion, wild in the jungle,
Tonight I shall be a yellow triangle,

The Way to Say It

There are many ways to say, “I love you”,
Say it with a sigh; say it cheery or be blue,
Say it in a foreign language, be romantic or tender,
Say it convincingly or just be a pretender,
Say it and look deep into the eyes,
Say it while eating a burger, salad and fries,
Say it with music in the evening before bed,
Or in the morning before you toasted your bread,
Say it standing alert wearing a bow-tie,
Say it while sitting out looking up at the sky,
After you say it, slow down a bit,
It is time to go ahead and show it,


Manuel the prizefighter, is a well-known boxer,
He has an amazing physique, to any observer,
His body built – like a cement wall,
As he stands almost seven feet tall,
When he smiled at me –
With his three lonely teeth,
They stood alone, the one above –
And the two beneath,
Three teeth are all his – 100 percent,
So I named Manuel – the Tri-Dent,
Cousin Richard the football player,
Had no chance – not even a prayer,
He had stomach cramps this all week,
His knees were shaky, unsteady, wobbly and weak,
He was in pain, twisted and bent,
With stomach cramps he had to play tight end.

Who Guards the Guards?

The USA has a democratic republic,
Human rights, open government, – all public,
They have huge secret armies to guarantee,
That the USA remains the land of the free,
They have the Secret Service, The FBI,
The CIA, the NSA the CID, all keeping an eye,
However, who is watching the watchers?
Who guards the guards? Ours, and theirs,
You are holding me – and who is holding you?
Does anyone know? I wish I knew,

The Vegan Lion

Josh the African lion,
From a long line of lions from Zion,
Has been suffering as of late,
From stomach ulcers gout and overweight,
It seems that eating 50 pounds of meat per day,
Can cause health issues like cholesterol and tooth decay,
And Josh is no exception – the poor guy,
Cannot eat beef, chicken or fish, not even a fly,
Josh is now limited to eating carrots and radishes,
To relieve his hypertension and stress,
He also is limited to his alcohol intake of beers,
Green tea and water is how he now cheers,
Although there are some positive outcomes,
He uses much less antacid and Tums,
Although dinner is not as spectacular
At least because of the salads –
Josh is now regular

Fifty Most Influential

I saw the “Toronto Life” today,
I read an article that caused me dismay,
It ranked the 50 most influential people in the city,
I was not influenced by any of them, am I needy,
What is faulty with me, where did I go wrong?
Am I not one of us, do I not belong?
Why am I not influenced – by the influential DJ?
I feel inadequate; I may have lost my way,
There is a fashion lady and a comedian,
A restaurateur and a former policeman,
I am really out of touch, out of the loop,
Not part of the in-crowd, part of the group,
I am not influenced by the most influential,
Although as a Torontonian I do have potential,


It was a chilly morning as I headed out,
The wind blowing hard knocking trees about,
Trees were standing in their stripped nakedness,
Bared of their green leaves dress,
They were standing in funny manners and poses,
Their branches spreading with or opposes,
Nightmarish shapes, formations and silhouettes,
Moving in the wind spreading fear and threats,
A group of chubby squirrels were collecting goods,
Amongst the evergreens and bare woods,
“What is it you collect?” I asked a squirrel wondering,
Being careful not to interfere with his collecting,
“Well”, said the squirrel smiling wickedly-
“We specialize in collecting nuts”,
Quickly I was on my way, that is me –
Better safe than sorry,

High Five

 Today Liam gave me a high five, seriously,
No, it’s not a mistake, believe me, really,
Consider the fact Liam is only 9 months old,
I can tell this kid is of a different mold,
Between Zoe Liam and Emme, my grandkids,
They will drive me nuts God Forbids,
High Five, Thumbs Up, End of Story,
These kids just toy and play with me,
This next generation is as sharp as a blade,
Really I am impressed, enough said,

Buddha! I Can See Your Belly Button

There he was sitting comfortably,
In front of him hanging that huge belly,
He had a happy smile on his good face,
Generous it was truly full of grace,
Such a wonderful religion kind and giving,
Honoring the dead and the living,
Never heard a bad word of the Buddha,
Be it New York, Hawaii or Bermuda,
Never forcing others to submit,
Never compel others to commit,
Its power is love and understanding,
Not in nagging and demanding,
Still on my mind this nagging question thing,
Why Buddha has no belly button ring?

My Tribe

Today I was duly and covertly notified,
It had me fill up with so much pride,
In another six months (more or less),
Our family will be growing (God Bless).
I shall become a grandfather, again,
It comes easy to me totally without pain,
The new addition will be our fourth in line,
So far, the line is a troika (which is fine),
Zoe, Emme, Liam are a good start I say,
However, I am expecting more by the end of the day,
I look forward to a double-digit tribe,
Just what my doctor has prescribed,
The tribe can be divided in any which way,
Boys and girls are equally welcome I say,
After all this is what I always wanted,
A wall-to-wall family – I like it crowded,
Grandchildren as far as the eye can see,
Planted with deep roots like a big tree,
In our family we shall not settle for less,
Congratulations all and God Bless,

Eating To Die

The parking lot was full,
As far as the eye could see,
There were thousands of cars,
It was not just for me,
There were sedans and trucks,
There were coupes and SUV’s,
There was even a motorcycle,
And a single bicycle,
Or was it a double mono-cycle,
I noticed no one was walking,
Since no one parked their shoes,
I was very disappointed since
The motorcycle rider
Had no visible tattoos,
Such was the parking lot on Sunday,
In front of the Supermarket store,
Lots of vehicles in front of the door,
Then there were all the shopping carts,
Going in and out piled with goods,
Some haberdashery some detergents,
But mostly piled with foods,
We eat a lot it seems to the naked eye,
We do not eat to stay alive,
We seem to be eating to die,

Jobs in America

John Smith started the day early
having set his alarm clock
for 6 am ..
While his coffeepot
was perking,
He shaved with his electric razor
He put on a dress shirt
Designer jeans
And tennis shoes
After cooking his breakfast
in his new electric skillet
He sat down with his calculator
To see how much he could spend today.
After setting his watch
To the radio
He got in his car
Filled it with GAS
And continued his search
for a good paying
At the end of yet another
discouraging and fruitless day
checking his Computer
John decided to relax for a while.
He put on his sandals
Poured himself a glass of wine
And turned on his TV
Then wondered why
he cannot find
a good paying job


Such a waste of young life,
Cut away as if by a knife,
Killed while DUI after a night of drinking,
Getting behind the wheel without thinking,
Did not even have a taste of what life was,
At 16, you know best, who needs the laws,
Too bad – what usually happens, you also kill others,
Whole families, brothers, sisters, mothers,
Because at 16 you know better than most,
No one around even comes close,
According to MADD in 2010 alone,
Almost 11,000 are now lying under a stone,
So smarten up don’t drink and drive,
If you want to make it alive,

Climbing someone else’s shoulders

Small people always need to climb-
Someone else’s broad shoulder,
Someone more daring, a visionary-
Someone gutsy and bolder,
So they can see further and beyond-
Their limited abilities,
Using others to see past –
Their limited capabilities,
Some can see in their mind,
Some are barred and blind,
Some cannot see as far as their hand,
Some can see eons ahead,
Unfortunately, few have such vision,
Plenty are diseased by indecision,
Alas, to most the future is a barricaded wall,
For few the future is a crystal ball,


It’s Halloween week, scary,
All you see on TV is eerie,
Mummy here exorcist there,
Frankenstein and Zombies to spare,
No end to the low quality mambo jumbo oldies,
All the B movies from the fifties,
The thing and the blob the invisible man,
Should all be sold and exported to Sudan,
Enough with the trash and the junk,
If you see me watching this, I must be drunk

Three Pounds Tall

I know a man that is 3 pounds tall,
I know a guy that goes up when he falls,
I know a girl that weighs 6 feet,
I once saw a twain that did meet,
We like to have things categorized so,
We need order in our minds or we blow,
Feet are for length, twain never meets,
Pounds are for weight –
That’s the word on the streets,
What do you say – is the earth getting warmer?
When NY is under 4 feet of sea water,
Now I am tired so I will stay awake,
If I am right, it has to be a mistake,
If you read this after 22 of December,
The Mayan calendar was a huge blunder,