Wake Up Alarm

I got up to the morning ringing alarm bell,

Did my pooping and my peeing, all is working well,

I do not take anything for granted anymore, not me,

One will be a complete fool, to overlook and not to see,

Alternatives are aplenty, not all good, most are bad,

Our days getting shorter, nights are longer, it is sad,

Does it rain more nowadays? Maybe cooler as well,

Is summer getting to be even hotter than hell?

Many a question go through my head as of late,

Lucky my morning alarm will wake up the dead.


Cold May

No rain, no shine, no snow nor sleet,

Toronto’s weather, has been real shit,

It is mid-May and minus one tonight,

Out for a walk, you end up with a frostbite,

This is no way to celebrate the spring,

No BBQ with steak, thigh, or chicken wing,

The weather is going from bad to worse,

Getting snow in May is a mighty curse,

Global warming? My ass, it is cold out there,

In the park tonight, I saw a polar bear


I Once Had a Daughter

I once had a daughter, after three boys,
Came To the world, with a squeaky little voice,
A handful she was, thru all the years,
She accounts for most of my white hairs,
For time now, she has not been talking to me,

Since her mother and I, no longer eye to eye see,

As the years pass by, who knows what awaits,
A day, a month, a year, only faith dictates,
Maybe to my headstone, she’ll talk after I die,
Although I’m doubting she’ll get a reply.