Nobel Laureate

I have already written my acceptance speech,
I shall thank every one of you and each,
For the great honor I am about to receive,
It is almost impossible to conceive,
Me a Nobel laureate for Literature my god,
Getting the recognition I so much deserve is odd,
Now that we have 50% agreement on the matter,
Even if it is a bit slow and a bit later,
I agree to accept the prize this is half way,
Now all we need is for you to give it away,
To me, so we are all in agreement – I bet,
I shall settle for a letter of intent,

Pro Sports

Hockey used to be fun, our national game,
For children growing, to aspire for fame,
Nice example set for them by the pros,
Ugly, greedy, bad stench to my nose,
It is OK to make a nice living playing,
Why is it that the kids are now paying?
Maybe it is time to get rid of the pros,
Back to the real fun everyone knows,
When a game was a real fun game –
Not a revolting diversion,
Let’s get back to the nice clean version,

Pea Soup

Today was cold, a pea soup cold day,
One is to ask, what is a pea soup day if I may?
Well it is so cold only a thick pea soup may help,
To make all the little icicles go away and melt,
Now I shall give away my unique secret recipe,
That in Odessa was devised, on the Black Sea,
You take ham, bacon, and smoked duck,
Large onion, garlic, carrots and celery stalk,
I add a few nice marrow-bones, a bay leaf,
Salt, pepper, allspice and leftover beef,
I fry these ingredients until nice and tender,
Then I add the dry split peas onto the splendor,
Adding water and nice thick chicken stock,
This soup is now almost ready to rock,
Let it boil then let it simmer for 2 hours,
This soup will have winter magical powers,
Keep in mind this soup is amazing because,
It breaks every one of the strict kosher laws,


 I love phrases they teach us so much,
In time of need they will act as a crutch,
For example, I learned “you are what you eat”,
So I had an apple, corn, a pound of liver and meat,
Then I “Killed two birds with one stone”,
Only to find that “fish rots from the head down”,
Although, I “felt like a fish out of water”,
Because “absence makes the heart grow fonder”,
I had to buy a cot at a very high cost,
“Just between you me and the bed post”,
Because “birds of a feather flock together”,
And “One swallow don’t make a summer”,
I am talking in rhymes – go figure that,
“There is more than one way to kill a cat”

Little Miracle

Sometimes we forgive people, just,
To have them back in our lives to last,
Because it is in the end,
Someone that is our best friend,
Best friends should always remain,
Even though they caused us pain,
Pride and ego will kill all that is good,
Do not say I should have – or I could,
Just do and see life’s little miracle,
If you want, there can be no obstacle,

Flying Piglet

Today I saw a flying piglet,
Wasn’t using a propeller or a jet,
It had a couple of grayish bluish wings,
From its behind came out large smoke rings,
It was doing loops and other aerial tricks,
Manoeuvrings these huge piglet’s wings,
You probably ask yourself what made it go,
Was it using a ham radio?
What makes that bacon fly,
Is this piglet a roaster or a fry?
I know this sounds silly, no biggie,
But this piglet looked like Miss Piggy

The Lack Of

Lately I have encountered less,
Less courage, less integrity, oh yes –
No less important, I have met indecision,
It is a sharp pain in the side, a huge incision,
When people lack the ability to make a decision,
Indecision is a disease, lack of perspective and vision,
We encounter this disease in private and in business,
Nothing frustrates more the chances for success,
Than waiting for things to move and happen,
No one boasts what “they never done” on CNN,
The Government cannot decide on the economy,
Senate and Congress has become the public enemy,
Gun control, education, all is buy or sell,
EU, Greece, Spain, austerity all go to hell,
Wimps not leaders in government and business,
No imagination or inspiration- just a mess
Today’s heroes are entertainers, TV actors,
Not philosophers, scientists, intellectuals, authors,
Only empty shallow two-dimensional figments,
Tomorrows fadeouts history’s bitter ends,