Memory Issues

Situation is grave, my memory is going,
The void in my timeline is still growing,
I do this or I don’t that, it is all a blur,
Is it possible because of a bottle of liquor?
I wrote an email, I remember not to whom,
Was it to Karachi or was it to Khartoum?
Maybe I forgot to put on it a proper stamp,
Maybe I stopped writing because of a writer’s cramp,

My Favorite Fruit

In the old country many years ago,
The weather was nice for all to grow,
I used to grow lemons, oranges and figs,
Clementines, pitangos, dates with pits,
Grapes and olives, pomegranates and kiwis,
Bananas, avocados, apples and pears,
Melons and watermelons and apricots too,
Plums and carobs and loquats I grew,
But what I loved most when I was a teen,
Was a huge pile of pistachio ice cream,

No One Cries

It is a known fact known for years,
When one dies we all shed tears,
Yes it is true everyone cries,
When one or more you know dies,
Another fact that we know yet avoid,
Turn our heads getting annoyed,
Is when you’re alive, still emitting heat,
No-one really gives a shit,

Round Trip

God has a sense of humor so I was once told,
When he created humans in his own mould,
Nowadays we can see that humour at work,
And it leaves me with a huge and wide smirk,
The trains that were taking the Jews to the East,
To be burnt and gassed by the Nazi beast,
Are coming back now to the west full to the rim,
With the smiling faces of many a Muslim,

Walk Like A Duck

If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck,
It is probably a duck you can bet your last buck,
So in my book it looks like the duck is ready to pluck,
On the BBQ to be put eagle spread and good luck,
Duck, chicken, a steak, a rib, or a shoulder,
All on the BBQ look fine when they smoulder,
All that is needed is a good glass of wine or a beer,
So enjoy your duck as well and have a good year,


Cecil The Lion

Cecil the black mane lion is gone,
Killed by a USA dentist at the break of dawn,
It seems every idiot in the USA carries a gun,
USA, Biggest collection of morons under the sun,
Life ain’t worth a dime in that “democracy”,
The biggest collection of lies and hypocrisy,
So when you can’t shoot a kid or your neighbour,
You go to Africa and there you pull the trigger,
Rest in peace Cecil the black mane lion,
Maybe you would have been luckier-
If your name was something like Brian,