Unusual Music

Bach wrote a concerto for four hands,
Ravel wrote for a left hand, has many fans,
Cage wrote the silent 4’33 piano piece, its fit,
Scarlatti let his cat write, and certified it,
I love Rossini’s Funny Duet for Two Cats,
Einstein’s on the beach by Philip Glass,
Is actually an opera, but without a plot,
I also enjoyed the anthem played by –
Jimmy Hendrix, high on pot.

You Cannot Add to None

I must be as thick as a brick,
Whatever I say does not really stick,
I must be totally insane to even try,
Don’t bother asking what, where and why,
Some are just like ameba eat breath and die,
Brains, thinking, understanding you cannot buy,
Either you have it or you don’t, how sad,
Where there is none- you cannot add,


My Bubbet

In the condo where I live,
We are allowed pets would you believe,
Some have a Chihuahua some a poodle,
As different as pancakes to strudel,
Only I unlike the rest have a quiet pet,
That I bought of someone on the internet,
I call her Bubbet and she has a huge smile,
My Bubbet the crocodile from the Nile,

It Talks To Itself

For the last forty plus years I have travelled,
With Klaus Schulze on a psychedelic cloud,
With Edgar Froese on Melrose and Epsilon,
Peter Baumann and Tangerine Dream I went on,
It’s like making little ripples in the universe,
Cosmic sounds rippling, yet there is no verse,
It’s when i have the best chats with myself,
Or as others call it, “it talks to itself”,

Prophecies of Doom

We have prophets of fire and doom,
We have witches that ride on a broom,
Seers that foresee the world goes in a boom,
Sages that know every dark end and gloom,
Worlds collide with meteors and asteroids,
Are giving us gout ulcers and hemorrhoids,
But after the grime stones ashes and blast,
Who is stuck with vacuuming all the dust?

A Man with a Truck in a Park

I saw a man today walking a toy truck,
Not a boy, a man, a real genuine schmuck,
He was walking it using a remote control,
Walking the park to and fro a slow stroll,
Why would a twenty plus man walk a truck?
In the park, with remote, must be out of luck,
Maybe he ran out of dolls and balls or a duck
I think i already said the guy was a schmuck.

And The Clock Runneth faster

If it’s Tuesday it must be Belgium,
If the balloon flies, it must be helium,
If it is very hot, it has to be summer,
The crack of his ass says: “I am the plumber”,
Telling the end of the movie, you just spoiled it,
If the clock says nine AM, you’re on the toilet,
Well, today the clock was late by a whole mile,
That explains why on the toilet floor we have a pile,

I Live in a Closet

Long time now I am looking for sanity,
Not pretended, the real thing, humanity,
So far no luck, I get lots of Emails though,
They tell me to LOL and just go with the flow,
So FYI I BCC, WTF I also LOL and BTW I’m GR8,
And the rest of the world can keep and mutate,
I just lock myself in the closet sucking my thumb,
Living of flies, mosquitoes and the occasional crumb,