Virtual Virtuality

Everyone nowadays works on virtual reality,
I on the other hand am developing real virtuality,
Virtual reality you build simulated situations,
I on the other hand am situating simulations,
Virtual reality makes make belief realities,
I treat realities as non-existing abnormalities,
Since you can’t believe anything you see or hear,
What was here today by tomorrow may disappear,

Summer Rug

I miss the long walks barefoot on the grass,
With the sunrays bouncing of the window’s glass,
The chirping of the birds flying to and fro,
The sparrows the blue tails the occasional crow,
I miss the dogs roaming free chasing a ball,
Lazy days of summer before the revisit of fall,
Once or twice a week the sprinklers will turn on,
Spraying gold droplets making rainbows on the lawn,
Their tsss, tsss, tsss sound like a million bees,
Flapping wings in the strong afternoon breeze,
The magnificent carpet of flowers in many a colors,
The hillside as far as the eye can see it covers,

Exchange Rate

Can we have an exchange student program?
Where we keep theirs from China or Siam,
They keep ours – we will be ahead for sure,
If we send ours to faraway Kuala – Lumpur,
I think it is the easy way to a win-win situation,
Also, have friends there when we are on vacation,
I am wondering: what is the student exchange rate,
If we play it right, we can get a handsome rebate,

Speak Not

Speak not of tender love to me,
Unless you are speaking comedy,
Do not declare passion and feeling,
As it is probably wheeling and dealing,
Tell not of thoughts and remorse say not,
For this has been filled with plenty rot,
Nothing learned nothing gained nothing taught,
Say nothing speak nothing do tell not,



When it comes to dessert, we are like children,
We go back to the days of ice cream again,
The days of searching the cookie jar up above,
For the amazing goodies made with motherly love,
I think nowadays, we have less cookie jars on shelves,
Just prepared stuff that we do not bake ourselves,
Just like everything else today we forgot the basics,
“Made from scratch” is no longer part of the matrix,
We have learned to accept that we no longer “scratch”,
We no longer fix, sew, stitch, and no longer patch,


Going on vacation to faraway places,
Sitting on the beaches with many new faces,
It is not the faces – that bother me so much,
It is the old sitting in Speedos showing their crutch,
Why is it that a lady that has turned 80 years old,
Has to share with us her folds of tummy fat being unfold,
Why is it that a man that is at least in his mid – eighties,
Shows his crack and traumatises all the poor babies,
There should be a law when people go on vacation,
Speedos and bikinis are out if you are senior citizen,


Over the years I moved a few times,
From here to there and there to here,
Over continents overseas and oceans,
Different people languages and cultures,
Alas, with every move something left behind,
A book, a record, at times a frame of mind,
If I was to collect all the things I left behind,
I could have made a huge contribution to humankind,
I would have a much bigger library of art and culture,
Will need a big building to hold all in, a massive structure,
Maybe it is a sign we leave lots behind when we move on,
For every sundown and evening there is a new dawn born,