Future, Present, Past

In Scandinavia they have ministries of the future,
To be ready for a world beyond just computer,
To search and advance their countries ahead,
To have a better, cleaner, smarter world instead,
In North America we have ministries of the present,
We are a little behind, nowhere to go, but we went,
Ahoy, in Israel we have ministry of the far away past,
Used to be people of the book, now we are the last,
First place in inequality, children’s poverty, we failed,
But we do have more politicians per capita jailed,

A Pickle a Day

It is the season that I so love,
You take off your gloves and woolly scarf,
The sun is out more often than not,
A cold beer replaces the boiling teapot,
But most of all I must confess,
(And I am not trying to impress),
It is the season I do my pickling,
All summer I just keep nibbling,
On the pickles, turnips, cabbage too,
They go so well with the beer brew,