Being 25

It must be nice, being twenty-five years young,
Being able to breathe, without an iron lung,
Having all the answers, to all the questions,
Free to give generously, your knowledgeable suggestions
Being so mighty, all is either black or white,
It is great to be, such a powerful knight,
Fixing the world, helping the poor,
Raising the dead, or just being grandeur,
Soon enough, even sooner, the world will become grey
All your dreams and ideals will slowly fade away,
Live your life, in your ivory tower of righteous and just
Stir the pot; fill it with hate, disgust, and distrust
When the reality will hit, then the guilt and the distress,
Too late to repent, too late to regress

To Zoe and Emme

Zoe and Emme, my two special girls
You make my world turn, you little twirlers
Lately, you are the only bright spots in my life
Everything else, has been anger and strife
Your cheerful smiles, of innocence and youth
Overcome, all the lies and untruths
You two please do not turn your back on me too
So that in my old age I will not have to be blue,
I want to be able to see you grow and prosper
Two young ladies, that are amazingly proper
Educated and kind and good of heart
We already know you are very smart

Our Love

Our love is green, and anew, and growing as spring,
Our love is bright, and happy as a summer day,
Our love is mellow and cuddly  as autumn evening,
Our love is as warm as the fireplace in a cold Winter
Our love is happy, and sometimes is sad
Our love goes through good and sometimes through bad,
Our love is beauty, and all that is good from within,
Our love is holding on to one another as the world around us stands still
Our love is the rain falling on our face in a storm,
Our love is the words we whisper in each other’s ears ,
Our love is the years we have shared and the years to share ahead,
Our love is ours to nourish and cherish and grow

Our love is me and you