Genes !

I find myself speaking words, my father used,
This makes me bewildered, and confused,
Are the genes, so deeply within us engraved?
Is the road of life, pre-paved?
Are we destined to walk our ancestral path?
Is it programmed within us, like a principle of math?
What else is engraved into us? onto our mind?
What else is there to haunt us? Our souls to grind?
Where do our parents end, and we begin?
When does “would be”, replaces “has been”?
Is this what is meant by ancestral sin?
To carry on us, like a rash on the skin?
Is it the “was”, and the “will be”, and in between?
I am just trying to understand, what does it mean?

One thought on “Genes !

  1. kathy says:

    A most interesting and yet some how expected grouping of new poems. Certainly observations and questions we all make but rarely notate. Am I my mother? There are days when even I am surprised at my words and deeds recalling the exact moment that my mother or grandmother uttered the same phrase, adopted the same posture. I can attest to the goose steps .. being surrounded by Geese who fail to recall their ancestors call to go south. The squirrels gathering despite Gracie’s attempts .. Finally it is yom tov – and your birthday .. Celebrate!! Each day is a gift , that is why it is called the present! Cheers


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