The Hi-Techy Blacksmith

The daily drive on the four O ‘one
Wasting hours in the daily traffic jam
There are just too many cars around
Or too few roads leading downtown
In the good old days of horse and buggy (remember?)
You started your trip in May – arrived around November
However, it was stress free and easygoing,
So slow, you could watch the trees growing
You were born and died in the same town
News arrived years late and was posted by the crown
People woke up when the sun came up
And went to bed after their evening cup
There was no TV, radio or electricity
Any town with more than 3000 was a big city
A doctor was a person that put leeches on your neck
Horseshoe installer blacksmith was very hi-tech
So next time you are stuck in traffic for a while
Put things in proportion, enjoy life, smile,
Listen to the radio; put a CD in the player,
Enjoy life, or your life is not worth a prayer

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