Law or Theory

Why is gravity a law and evolution a theory?
Relativity and quantum are theories very clearly,
Why the difference why the distinction,
Anything to do with tradition or maybe religion?
How is it decided what is a law and what is theory?
Is it the name, Einstein or Darwin or Curie?
I really do not care if it is the Sorbonne or Yale,
But if I break a scientific law I am not going to jail,


Is it only me that pays attention,

But, whenever there is a new construction location,

Certain rules apply, in very specific order,

First, they put a fence to mark the border,

Then, signage is put up on the fence, a warning,

To watch out for things that may be falling,

And then without further ado and beforehand

They install the necessary mobile toilet stand


Moving backward real fast

Our values are changing, it is very clear,

What for centuries was loved and held dear,

Today takes backseat to vulgar, foolish and crude,

Now people value things that are foul, trite and rude,

Once we valued spiritual, witty, aesthetic, creative, artistic,

Today, mediocre, hate, bad taste and opportunistic,


A writer, a poet, composer, philosopher,

Were admired,


Coarse, unrefined, banal, trashy, and boorish,

Are required,


A car every seven minutes

I read in the daily paper, an interesting story,
Statistics I was not aware of, in the car category,
It seems every seven minutes a man buys a car,
A Honda, Toyota, Chrysler, a GM, ford or a Jaguar,
However, one thing baffles me so, and I wonder,
(And the suspense is driving me under),
With all this car buying, purchasing and acquiring,
Where in God’s name – does he find parking?


To B flat or not to B flat

So then, I said to Mozart – “Don’t B Flat”,

I know you can do it at the drop of a hat,

Have you considered a C Major for a change?

After all your orchestra does have the range,

Good idea said he, let me think about it a bit,

Without thinking, I admit I hate to commit,

Then he returned and said –“consider it done”,

I shall immediately write symphony # forty-one,


My Cheese

There is an amazing aroma today in the kitchen,
That keeps everyone in the house a’ bitchin,
My homemade cheese factory has struck oil,
I managed to make artisan cheese nothing was spoiled,
If you thought Brie, Munster or Roquefort smell,
My cheese makes you run like a bat out of hell,
Limburger is like perfume compared to my treat,
It reminds everyone the tangy smell of athlete’s feet,

Only one

I feel so ashamed, so out of place,

So much so, I cannot show my face,

I am the only one in town I confess,

Oh, what pressure, oh, what stress,

I look around and see I am the only one,

No one else like me under the sun,

Why only me, I have no real clue,

Why am I the only one without a tattoo?